Saturday, 29 December 2012


So, Christmas was good. I wasn't as happy or excited for it as I have been in the past. Circumstances made me unhappy over the period, the likes I won't bore you with. But I believe (another addition) that if you strive to be happy all year round and making others happy, you need some down time and it's just unfortunate that my 'downtime' happened to fall alongside Christmas. I tried to be happier, but for reasons I won't outline, I was not and I could not bring myself up from the low I'd sunken to.

So this is gonna be a blog on trying. It doesn't matter the outcome, whether it works or not at least you've tried. You've given whatever it is that's troubling you a go, and though you might not suceed in your chosen thing to give a try, at least you will know. Until you've tried everything in the world, nothing is impossible. That is what I believe (yet another addition) cos if you've never tried, you never know. It could be the field you excel in. So whatever it is, whether it is like in my case trying to be happier, I know all I've gotta do is shift my perspective and remember everything that I'm thankful for. It can be anything, really, whether it's getting onto a football team or loving someone, if you never try you never know. And we've all made fools of ourselves when trying something new that wasn't right, but you never would've known if you hadn't tried it. I will repeat my experience of telling this boy that I liked him, because if I never told him, I never would've known. If I hadn't tried, put my heart out on the line if you will, I never would've known how he felt.

Trying will sometimes leave you wishing you hadn't, because people might laugh at you or something, but at least you will know if it is possible. And if it's not, it's an experience in your life, and you will be thankful one day that you did it.

So, as this is my last post of 2012 I want to wish you all a simply spectacular 2013, may all the wishes you make on New Years Eve come true.

As ever, comments for the next topic I cover on here can be expressed on twitter (@Steph_Carfrae), facebook or comments below. Thank you for reading.



Wednesday, 19 December 2012

It's Ok, I Don't Need A Boy

After getting a confusing comment on my last post, I have changed a few of the words and it inspired me to write this.

All I've been seeing lately are videos on youtube that are all about becoming an awesome-r version of yourself. (For example: ) Don't you just hate those people who ooze confidence, from the way they look to the way they speak? Well, they've got the right idea. Especially when it comes to love, which is what this post is about.

And I get it. I get all the pain and longing for someone that most people have. I used to think I was alone within this feeling, because all I ever saw were happy couples and other single people just getting on with their lives. But as I've grown up and dealt with all I've had to, I've discovered that it's true: no one can love you, until you love yourself. And I've probably just ripped off a song. But I believe that this is true. Addition to the 'I Believe' posts!

And it is hard. But don't sit around waiting. Thst's something that hit me when I started uni 2 years ago, love is not gonna find you if you're sitting in your room. So this past semester, I have been out most nights just having a good time, not looking for love, but you never know when or where it could crop up. It could be someone I know right now, or it could be someone I've never met. I guess that's half of the fun. But one thing I've learnt in my 20 years of being on this Earth, is never try to dissect everything. Like, if a boy's been paying attention to you just see where he wants to take it, because it could just turn out he's just a good friend who's a good listener. But if he does want to take things further, then that's great and I wish you all the best for the future.

You just have to focus on being happy in your life first and love will find you. I'm in this position myself, so I'm just gonna keep slugging away and hope something changes pretty soon! I've been waiting for soon for more than a while, so I hope it comes in the near future. Isn't that how it feels? All these songs have '...soon' in them because 'soon' doesn't give a explicit time. Just know 'soon' will be the right time.

And let's face it, you've come this far on your own, who says you can't make it a few more years on your own? Although you don't want to, if that's the way the cards deal at least you know you can do it.

It is far better to be who you are, and be comfortable with who you are before you push the boat out and venture out of your comfort zone. And I know it takes a long time, but it will be worth it. Somewhere, there's a guy (or a girl) who probably doesn't even know you exist, but without you existing would be banished to a life of loneliness.
You have to become the best version of  yourself before you can see the best version of someone else.

I don't know that I'll be able to write anything in the remainder of 2011, I will try though. But because I won't be posting anything before the big day, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! And in case I don't get the chance to wish you a wonderful new year, HAVE AN EXCITING AND AWESOME NEW YEAR TOO!!!



Saturday, 15 December 2012

I Believe . . . 2

Leading straight from the last one ( ) I will explain why I believe that some things happen for a reason. . . My brother and I are both in wheelchairs. We're not confined to wheelchairs but need them to get around. The undiagnosed disability took over my body when I was 7. . . my brother (who's older than me) when he was 4. Tests were run on me when I was 4 but nothing came up. The undiagnosed disability chose to strike 3 years later in me.

The point I am trying to make is that I would not be the same person if I did not have this undiagnosed disability. Maybe I would be happier and maybe not.

Right now, I am happy in my skin and if there was a magic pill I could take which would allow me to walk again - I would not take it. I like the fact that I'm unique and that is good enough for me. I would probably be a b**** if I was not in a wheelchair . . . so although the cards have been dealt very close to whoever's chest, I've gotta thank whatever it was/is that is making my life different. I try to be courteous in every situation I face and I'm just thankful for eve ry opportunity I get to experience . . . be it good or bad.

So with all that said, I believe that you shouldn't regret anything. Things happen in life and you just need to go with them sometimes, throw caution to the wind and rules.

Because life is too short to put limitations on yourself. So try everything and anything. You never know what could happen. You will end up where you're supposed to.

I believe a lot of things....and I think I will leave it there for the moment. I hope this nugget has been insightful and has made you think. Please leave your comments below if you've been affected by anything I have said and/or suggestions for next week's post. Thank you for reading



Thursday, 13 December 2012

I Believe

I know what you're thinking...this is  gonna be a boring list of stuff she believes in....and  you are probably right but give it a read, it might surprise  you and if you have any additional points to make and/or you disagree/agree with any of  mine please leave them in the comments below. Thanks.

So, I believe that tomorrow is a better day, OK so it may not be brighter but it can be anything we want it to be. We are in control of our lives, so just do what you wanna do. One of my friends recently left his job, and he was so much better off without it that he was smiling all the time, so no matter what it is if it feels like the right thing to do  then do it. I was overjoyed that he was so happy, he can now go home for Christmas!

I believe that I was put on this Earth to make other people smile. Hopefully, I do a good job. I am totally crazy and every once in a while will come out with a line that someone will find funny (that someone is usually me, but my laugh is infectious so if you're with me !!) I'm not amazing, nor do I claim to be, I'm just me.

Everybody goes through the phase of thinking they're not enough, for boys or for anything. Believe me, I have been here, I feel your pain! But at the end of the day, you've just got to accept yourself for who you are, how you are and believe that everything will just fit into place. It's not very easy to do, I fought with my emotions through most of my teenage years to arrive where I am today. The happy, smiley, doesn't-have-a-care-in-the-world Steph. It is tough, looking back over those years, and there is no help I can give other than to say - it does get better, you will realise your worth and it is hard not settling for less, but don't do it because one day someone will be good enough. He just might decide to take the long route instead of the shortcut.

I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Bleeeeeeeurghhhhhhhhhhhh you've heard this hundreds of times, but it's true. We all have something about us that makes us unique, and never let go of this something. Its what makes you 'you'. How boring would it be if we lived in a world of robots who all thought the same and all did the same. Surely, it's be like watching a repeat of a really crap programme until you could repeat it line for line. Boooooooooooooring.

I don't believe that everything happens for a reason, but I believe some things do. After all, one of these days you are gonna meet the right one for you and though that might be coincidence, it happened for a reason. We have a very strange, f***ed-up planet but sometimes it's all right. I guess you've just gotta find the balance.

So that is some of the stuff I believe in. I will try post soon with more (anything you'd like  to know or suggestions to write about go in the comments box below) but I am really tired right now and have a big night tomorrow night so had better get some sleep...



Wednesday, 12 December 2012

'I'll Tell You'

I confess myself a little disappointed as I was met with no responses from my previous post. But enough of that, I don't want to moan at anyone.

The lyric 'I'll Tell You' was written on a whim a bit like the Jonnie Peacock one ( ), but this one is about Danny Jones from McFLY who I profess was my main inspiration for writing lyrics in the first place.
It's about a lover helping you stand up for what you believe in, no matter what you believe in. At least, that was the original idea! I hope you like it!




When I need reassurance you’re always on hand

When I feel weak you help me stand

Up outta the crowd

And my heart begins to pound

Then you say



Don’t be afraid to be who you are

You’re the one constant in my heart

Don’t be afraid to shine like a star

As I strum on my guitar

I’ll tell you I love you



When I wanna give up the fight

You always stand strong by my side

You battle with the loneliness that has consumed me many years

When my eyes brim with tears

You say

(Repeat Chorus)


No no no

Don’t give up

Don’t say ooh I’ve had enough

You never let me fall

You catch me through it all

I cannot imagine life without you

Let’s hope (and pray) I never have to


Don’t be afraid to be who you are

One constant in my heart

Don’t be afraid to shine like a star

You know I’ll be with you wherever you are

As I strum on my guitar

I’ll say

I can’t deny it anymore there’s just no way

I love you.


Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.


Sunday, 9 December 2012


My friend gave me this topic to talk about, which I thought was really interesting. So I set my readers a challenge: to comment either on here, facebook or tweet me (@Steph_Carfrae) with your suggestions on topics I could cover. I think it could be really fun!

When I was seven years old I developed a walking disorder and at about this time a new girl moved to my school. Over the years of primary school she bullied me, because of the attention I recieved from everyone. I never knew how to explain  that I didn't want all their attention, I just got it because of the way I was. I hope she understands that now. Everyone told me it was only because she was jealous of me. Jealous of what I got for having something wrong with me. It was ridiculous!! Put yourself in my position, and see how you'd like it!!

Jealousy is never a good thing. It will only bring you down, into thinking someone else's life is so much better - but as I have said in 'Backstory's' ( ) everyone has a backstory that has made them how they are, and so don't be jealous of someone because you never know what is going on underneath. Jealousy is when people think you have a better life than them, so if you have ever been bullied although it is hard (believe me, I know) it has made you a stronger person and quite frankly, I am flattered that I was bullied. So many people must have thought that I had a better life than them! If you are going through bullying, it is very hard but please know that you will come out at the other end a stronger person. Bullies are just people who are so worthless, that they talk about other people. You've just have to believe that. Please leave your thoughts and suggestions for the next blog! Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


This lyric was written a little while ago and I like that it can be seen in two senses. It was meant to be about a lovers' dispute and the use of the word 'goodnight' as 'goodbye'.
But also you can see it from the point of view of a little girl with her father. So it is an interesting lyric. I hope you like it. And as ever, let me know what you think and/or if you'd like to attempt putting music to it. I imagined a little piano piece accompanying this.

It's called: 'Goodnight'


You read me a story before I went to bed

When I woke up in the morning you had left

Why did you do this to me baby?

You told me you loved me

Just before I closed my eyes to sleep

What changed in a night baby?



I don’t know why

You slipped away from my eyes

And I don’t know why

I let you say goodnight

Cos I knew somewhere inside

That word was goodbye



You read me a fairy tale where everything has a happy ending

Your tone was so calm I guess you were pretending

What were you hiding baby?

You told me I was what you lived for

As you closed all the nightmare’s outside the door

What changed your mind baby?

(Repeat Chorus)


I’m living in a nightmare

Now you’re not there

You used to shut my fears away

But now they’re back and here to stay

(Repeat Chorus)


You read me a story before I went to bed

When I woke up in the morning you had left

Why did you do this to me baby?


Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.



Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Don't worry - I will still post tomorrow too!

I recently finished reading 'Unsaid Things: Our Story' by McFly and it really helped reinforce one of my beliefs. I am not gonna be a spoiler, if  you have not read it yet, it really is worth a read!
           But I did not realise so many things, and it all became apparent why and as I read on, it all made sense. It reinforced in me the belief to be kind to everybody because you do not know what they're going through and/or what's happened in their backstory that makes them the way they are. A backstory is what has happened in their past. And I really admire McFly, so it's crazy how I did not realise half of this stuff. When I hear them now, or see them it's obvious!

So, the reason for this blog is to say that everyone has a backstory! So don't give them s*** cos you have no idea what they are going through. Recently, I hung up on a phonecall. Then I called back a few seconds later because I felt bad, but the truth is what they were telling me hurt. They had no idea what was going on in my life at that point, I had been depressed for a few days and though it was the truth, I didn't want to hear it. So just don't be a loser, cos the ones who try to bring others down, are the biggest losers of all.



Saturday, 1 December 2012

It just annoys me

Listening to One Direction's song 'Loved You First' and it just really got to me. Cos surely a guy should just make his move rather than saying 'It should be me!' Cos honestly what have you got to lose? Ok, there's the threat of rejection but you shouldn't be scared of it. Fear of uncertainty - everyone has that so that is hardly an excuse. What if there is no tomorrow? What if there is no future? (As my tragic screenplay I am writing explores!) And at the end of the day, at least you'll know where you stand. I hope this doesn't scare any guys off me (if any guys were/are into me, which I doubt)
I have done this and made a complete t*** of myself, but I am so glad I did it now. It's probably the best thing that happened to me. And I didn't lose face. If anything, I gained more respect from him for being truthful. And I totally understand about having to get to know someone first, that goes without saying, but when you know that someone well enough why not?



Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Proper Blog!!

I thought I'd do this as a proper blog today....well morning lol. I read '30 Days Until The World Ends' by A Swedish Fruit Salad, which if you haven't read I highly recommend ( which inspired me to write this. I say we should have a day every year or every month when we do something we've always wanted to try and then if you like it you can do it again at some point, and if you don't, at least you've tried it. Then there would be nothing too regret before you die, like some people say 'I wish I'd done that' Well, unless your old, have a mental or physical handicap there's nothing stopping you. So , stop talking about it, and do it!! I know a lot about money constraints, as I'm a student, but life is too short to worry about such things. A discussion I was having the other day was that life is too short not to take chances, so in some circumstances I say just get lost in the moment and see where it leads you. If it leads you off track of where you thought you were going to, maybe you were never meant to go on the path. Life is not easy and sometimes we need to take the  long way round over mountains or the like, instead of the easy shortcut.

That's enough of my leaking thoughts for one night, I will make it different each week with regards to what I post, so stay share and stay ever curious.

Thank you for reading,



Tuesday, 27 November 2012

'Destroyed My Sun'

I wrote this after getting over someone, which meant it took me a long time before I even attempted to write it. It was two years in the coming. But finally I did get over this person, and this was the result. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think. Comments welcome. Thank you. It's called:



There’s no more you

Cried so hard when you said we’re through

But no more will my tears be wasted

On someone who’s not worth turning the page with

See it took me a while

But when I think of you I can smile

Cos I got to have you in my life



You expect me to cry

My way through the nights

But I’ve spent many nights alone

I know just how to remain strong

Cos I know tomorrow will come

You have not destroyed my sun



So you’ve made your decision moved outta my place

You’re still looking for signs of hurt in my face

You want me to want you to call every time I’m alone

And I’m so depressed and on my own

But I’ve got more self-esteem than that

To every second I’m lonely want you back

See it took me some time

But when you ask now I’ll say I’m just fine

(Repeat Chorus)


You thought you’d stolen the earth from underneath my feet

I do admit when you left me we were right at the peak

And yes I fell from that great height

But I landed on my feet just fine

You thought you stole away what really mattered

But many nights I have listened to the rain patter

And yes maybe I am alone

But I know I am not on my own

(Repeat Chorus).


Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

'Say Something'

I'm really happy tonight. And I'm extra happy cos I remembered to put this up! This lyric was based on a story I wrote. Hope you like it! Thanks for reading and thanks if you check out my other stuff too!

It's called:



It’s been a long narrow road

To get to where we are now you know

And I know it’s not easy to say goodbye

To someone you thought you’d love all your life

It’s been a long time

And baby I know but I can’t live a lie

It’s time for us to move on

Stop living in the past those days are gone

And underneath I fear for you

Will you be ok? Oh Baby

Will you pull through?



Say something

Don’t just leave me here

With nothing

Say something

Don’t make me cry my lonesome tears

My darling

Please say something



It’s been a while

Since on your face I’ve seen that smile

I think we both know underneath

It’s time for us to let go and leave

It’s been a wild ride

And we have had some good times

I’ll remember them always

But I’ll say goodbye for our sake

Underneath I know it’s the right thing to do

And I’m sorry baby

Will you pull through?

(Repeat Chorus)


I hope we remain

Good friends

Through all the rain

Til the end

And I hope you will forgive me

For saying goodbye ooh baby

(Repeat Chorus).


Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

'Can't Let Go'

Sorry for such a ridiculous hold-up! But it's here now! I hope the wait has been worthwhile! I'll let you be the judge.

Now, I wrote this after a holiday about a guy I'd met there. For a couple of summers, we met up and I  rewrote this lyric after those summers. I hope you like it.

It's called: CAN’T LET GO



Did you see me as I crept?

Outta my dreams into yours

And as you slept

I felt myself falling, falling for you

It was in a glance

From that moment on I knew you’d be my summer romance

And I kept an eye on you

Cos baby you know that you’re so cute



I can’t let go

I’ve come too far

I’ve committed my heart

I can’t let go

I’ve been here too long

I just can’t move on



Did you see me as I went?

Outta that door into the night

You know when I left

I wished you were by my side

It was from a look

You must have known you had me hooked

And I must have walked into a dream

Cos baby this is such a beautiful scene

(Repeat Chorus)


Cos I no I can’t let go

Let go of you

It’s a thing I’d never do

I’ve come in way too far

More than ankle deep – baby

I’ve a very strong committed heart

That’s what I can blame when it all falls apart

I can’t let go

Let go of you

You know it’s a thing I’d never do

I’ve been here too long now

I just can’t move on.

Copyright © 2011 Stephanie Carfrae.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

'Right Here'

Sorry about the delay! This lyric I wrote a few years ago...hope you like it...


In the life you either sink or swim
Look at me I am still fighting
It would have been so easy so easy
For me to give up but that’s not me
I haven’t seen the world through your eyes
And I haven’t lived your life
But I know sometimes it can be tough
Your eyes say enough

No it ain’t easy
No one said it would be
Yes you need someone to help you through
Yeah I know I can rely on you
As you can on me
Whenever you’re in need
I’m right here

In this life you either fly or you fall
Look at me I am surrendering all
For a chance to prove life wrong
That it isn’t all for the rich and strong
I haven’t seen the world as you have
And no I probably won’t understand
But I know when things are down
You need someone around
(Repeat Chorus)
I will be there for you always
And you can rely on me all our days
No it ain’t easy
No one ever said it would be
If life was a breeze
You wouldn’t need me
But whenever you do
Because I need you too
I will be right here
I’m right here.

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

Thank you!

Saturday, 13 October 2012


I planned to put this up on Tuesday but too much happened this week!!! This was one of my favourite lyrics to write. I wrote it a few years ago now. Hope you like it. Comments welcome.

It's called:

The mascara stains are the least of my worries
The mascara trains left after the rain
All the pain I thought it was worth it
Cos he really loves me
But now I see what a fool I’ve been
The mascara tracks still show
No matter how many times I wash my face you know
They’ll be there for all time
Cos I really thought he was mine for life

I really thought he would be there for me
He’d care for me
And tend to my every need
But no I was blind
Cos all he did in our time
Was not love me in return
Guess I know now why the tears burn

The mascara leaves its mark and I regret
Ever wearing it cos now I can’t forget
All the pain and heart break he cost me
Cos he never loved me
And I’m such a damned fool
To think for a second he was being true
But he wasn’t oh no
It haunts relentlessly like the tears on my pillow
(Repeat Chorus)
I was really in deep
And I thought he was with me
Yes I really thought he cared
That he’d always be there
He’d tend to my every need
Not leave my heart to bleed
But I was blind
Cos all he did in our time
Was not love me in return
Guess now I know
Now I know why the tears burn.

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

'Brown Eyes'

Sorry for the delay! This lyric I think is self explaintory. I hope you like it. Comments welcome.
It's called: BROWN EYES .x.

Tell me not to miss you
As my eyes fill up with dew
I wish more than anything I could believe you
But it wouldn’t be the truth
You’re the prominent character in my dreams
And I can’t stop dreaming
For the day you’ll see

How I long for your brown eyes to watch when I leave
How I long for your brown eyes to believe
In you and me yeah
How I long for your brown eyes to notice my success
How I long for your brown eyes to be there when the world has no justice
For me yeah

Tell me you believe in the stars
As I wish I was where you are
I count everything that means anything in my life
You gave me all those moments which now count for memories
You’re the prominent character in my dreams
And I won’t stop dreaming
For the day that you will see
(Repeat Chorus)
For years now I have pushed this feeling aside
But I cannot help the way I feel inside
And it’s all coming out tonight
Can’t you see how I
How much do I?
Long for your brown eyes
How much do I?
Long for your brown eyes.

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

'Your Star'

This lyric is called: 'Your Star'. It is metaphorical and literal - in the sense that the desire is to make people believe in themselves. I hope most of my lyrics promote good feelings or help one believe in themselves a little bit more.

Hope you like it. It's called:

If I smiled at you
Would you try one on too?
It might just suit you
If I laughed all day
Would you join the craze?
It might just amaze

Cos you are individual
So spontaneous so wonderful
You live for the moment
Not worried about rough treatment
Cos you are so beautiful
And nothing can stand in your way at all
Because once you accept who you are
Nothing can refute the shine from your star

So what you hiding?
You know it’s gonna come out sometime
Don’t be afraid to let your light shine
How many people there are who feel just like you                         
There’s not much one person can do
To make you believe that it’s oh so true
(Repeat Chorus)
So no don’t you hide away
Behind that cornerstone hey
You have to have a voice
If you wanna be heard
You have a choice
Now kick up a storm if it’s what you want
(Repeat Chorus)

Thank you for reading.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

'Questions Of A Breaking Heart'

Uni has been mental and I guess I've been forgetful! I am so happy to be back, this is where I belong!!

Back to the lyrics, I wrote this lyric after seeing Danny Jones playing football at soccer aid. I hope you like it. Comments welcome as are posts on my wall on facebook if you don't wish to make an account. As always, if you want to attempt to put some music to the lyric please let me know via twitter (@steph_carfrae), facebook or leaving a comment below. Thank you.


It’s always a heartbreaker
When you see him running off to her
There’s always something going on in your mind all the while
He kisses her and smiles

Why can’t they end?
Why can’t she give up?
These are questions you ask yourself
When you are so in love
Why can’t he see?
That he and I are meant to be
All questions of a breaking heart

It’s always a heartbreaker
When you see him kissing her so tenderly
There’s always someone who wants to interrupt
But then again he’s happy in love
(Repeat Chorus)
I know what it’s like
I’ve had this feeling many times
(Repeat Chorus).

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

'London 2012'

I'm going to ask readers' like you, to help me name this lyric. I want you guys to have your say! Either on my twitter @steph_carfrae tweet me words for titles or on my facebook just post on my wall, or indeed leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Thanks. I will let you know what I've chosen next week!

 What an amazing summer this has been! I never got to go to either the olympics or paralympics but my parents and sister and brother went to the paralympics on the night of Pistorious's 400m final and held the phone up for me! I was just overwhelmed by the spectacular human spirit that everyone witnessed during the games and I hope it continues. So I wrote this lyric the moment after I had finished watching the parade of our greatest team on TV. It's dedicated to all those heroes. I hope you like it.

It’s over it’s done
Everyone had their moment in the sun
We’ll look back in years to come
And be amazed by the hurdles we’ve overcome
We have exceeded many expectations
And grabbed the world’s full attention
I am proud of everything we’ve achieved
I am talking for the nation we’re one big family

I am so proud of you today and always
You’ll never wipe the smile off my face
You’ve made the impossible seem possible
You’ve taken us on a journey so incredible
I never wanted it to end
But every good thing must my friend
So we can appreciate everything you went through
I wanna thank everyone, especially you

The final whistle’s blown
I know I’m not alone
In saying you truly inspired
Everyone in their lives to go higher
We have done ourselves proud
Take the words and scream them out loud
I am proud of everything we’ve achieved
I am talking for the nation we’re one big family
 (Repeat Chorus)
I am so proud of everyone it’s just brought us together
A feeling like this will hopefully last forever
Your smiles will last a life-time
In our hearts and in our minds
Oh yeah yeah
(Repeat Chorus).

S. Carfrae 2012 ©

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

'Today Is My Someday'

Hot off the press! I only just wrote this tonight, because I was so inspired by the British performance in the paralympics. Everyone whor got a medal tonight is a true hero in my eyes - Dave Weir to first timer Jonnie Peacock. Honestly can't believe that that was Jonnie's first games he had such great composure and just stormed the field! He is a lil' gorgeous too!

So my song (although it's a love song and maybe wishful thinking about Jonnie on my part) is dedicated to the truimph of the 2012 games - both paralympic and olympic!

I was just too excited to wait another week to share this with you guys - and yes, I will be posting next Wednesday as per usual. Any comments welcome, either on here, on facebook or on my twitter @steph_carfrae !!

So here it is. Hope you like it!!

It's called: Today Is My Someday

I am so intrigued by you
Got me taking a leave of absence for you
I wanna know more about what you do
So let the rain pour c’mon and show me the truth
I’ll tell you one thing I’m not gonna lie
I think you’ll fall about a thousand times
But everyone needs that to come back with more venom
Next time you just see who’s laughing

I know I can hold you when the nights get colder
I know for me you never have a cold shoulder
And I can betcha
That I’m gonna make my someday today
I know I can cry on your shoulder
When the days and nights get colder
And I can betcha
That today is my someday

I am impressed by you
You’re so smartly dressed and good looking too
Just keep talking wind the hours away
I’m mesmerized you’ve got me in a daze
But I ain’t complaining oh no no
You just show me the way to go
It’s taken you to inspire me
Next time we’ll just see who’s laughing
(Repeat Chorus)
Have you ever thought about
The best feeling in the world
I know without doubt
It’s being called your girl
Cos oh yes I know
(Repeat Chorus)

Steph Carfrae © 2012