Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Out Of Context

It’s easy to take things out of context. Have them mean more than in the moment they were spoken, felt or acted upon. Especially when you’re feeling low. I used to be a master of this. Taking someone’s words and twisting them, particularly when I thought someone or something was unjust. This is very much a the-world’s-out-to-get-me theory. Learning to relax and just take the moment for what it is has helped me. Let people off. If they haven’t been involved in this situation: don’t blame them for something they have said pre-situation.

If anyone does say anything to put you down, you don’t know everything that’s happened during their day. This life is also give and take. You’re allowed to have a bad day, so why not show the same courtesy to others? But when people take you down, it’s not necessarily because of you. You know your mission, your goals, your feelings and that’s the most important thing. The other person may put you down in order to make themselves feel better. There are many reasons people may put you down and most of the time it has nothing to do with you. They may have had a bad day and you’ve just caught them at the wrong moment. I used to take constructive criticism as if it was a failure on my part. But criticism and constructive criticism are very different things. Constructive criticism is good because at least it is something that you can work on. Every criticism is therefore constructive given that you can work on it. And I used to be really petty, and stop doing whatever I got criticised for just because I'd been criticised. This is no way to live. I am now trying to accept these constructive criticisms and act on them in the best way I can.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The World Isn't Against YOU!

Retracing my steps talking about how your reactions say more about you than you’d know: Reacting to people in a hostile way is to let negativity overrule you. And I know this may be hard but what I do in situations such as these is look at it in perspective. Or try to. Will this matter tomorrow? 3 months from now? In a year? The answer is most likely no, but the reaction I give to it I have to live with. How would it feel if I never saw that person again? It is a lot to remember in that split second before you react to something, but I’m hoping that now I’ve written it down and explained the benefits both here and below I will remember. I will keep you updated on my progress.

If you let yourself believe that most people’s intentions are good, you won’t be in a bad place. Because on the whole, people are good people. If you need to take a few seconds or even shut your eyes this is allowed! There are no rules on the best way to react to something. You never know what you will be remembered for, so try to make it something positive. Like I was remembered by someone for being very forward in my university days. I can’t remember being quite that way, but that was what I was remembered for. If you go around thinking and behaving like ‘the world is against me’ you will find the more you think that, the more it will be. If you go around thinking you can’t feel anything then you won’t. You have to let your mind be open to experiencing new things and feeling things you’ve never felt before. If you close your mind to mostly anything in this life you miss out. There are of course things that try to get in your mind that you’d be better to distance yourself from, but you’re intelligent people; I won’t belittle you.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

You're incredible!

This is something I have to remind myself of every once in a while.

You see, hear and do things every day. After a while that magic of seeing, hearing or doing something wears off. But it is spectacular still. Just because you don't see it anymore doesn't mean no one else can or will.

Taking a step back and looking at things in perspective is something we forget and with our busy schedules we don't really have time for  it it's really important and will be worth it. If its only two minutes you can spare it is worth it.

We get caught up in little things that don't really matter but as humans we love the drama.

Just remember that what you are doing is incredible and if a stranger to your life and your circumstances would be amazed.



Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Now doesn't last forever

Lately I’ve been thinking about now. How now is just a moment in time. For instance, if it’s hurting now it won’t hurt forever. And even if it does, I’m sure the frequency won’t last. Life has a way of shifting things, and things are ever changing. So please don’t panic about things. Remember that now is a moment in time and tomorrow it could all change. Maybe it won’t yet. But you never know when it will.

What we like now, is not necessarily what we’ll like in the future. Something may come up like a flash in a pan. We can’t tell what this will be. So it’s important that we appreciate what we have in the now. And even if you don’t think you have a lot: you’re breathing and you have an internet connection to read this via. Start appreciating the small things, you might find that bigger things come along in a bigger way to mean more. There are things that happen in life, that appear sometimes out of nowhere or are inevitable. And the really important thing to remember is that it’s only affecting you now, and if it does only affect you, then try not to react in a way that affects your life predominantly. Life is what you make it and when it goes wrong try not to react in a way that makes you remember it. Like once I broke a CD cover, because I was mad at someone. Now whenever I see that CD cover I remember the fight and how angry I was with that person. It’s not good for you to hold onto these types of memories, and it wasn’t good for me. I have since got rid of that CD case, but I’ll never get to relive that moment and do things better. We really have to think about how we treat people now, because that may be what they will always remember us for.