Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Don't Stop!

Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing, because someday you’ll realise that whatever it is that has since stopped, changed you for the better.

We all have that turmoil when something changes, and in the end it’ll work out for the best. You just have to keep going, and there may be blocks in the road that force you to take a new route and that’s not a bad thing. It may and probably will feel scary but if you never try you’ll never know.

You’ve just got to believe in life and trust that it will work out for the better. Whatever will be will be, and whatever happens the choice is in your hands.

You control how you react to ANY situation, whether the fact that you take a deep breath for a few seconds before reacting, as I am trying to do, or initially react in a negative manner is up to you. If you have a negative mindset, this initial reaction is likely to be the case. It is up to you to change that, if you want, because no one else can do that for you. Don’t we all want to live more happy, fulfilled lives?

If you can take the time to think before you react, it’s going to be better for everybody involved.

‘People are doing their best from their level of consciousness.’ This was said by Deepak Chopra and I hold tight to this quote whenever anyone says anything I’m not happy with. If they are trying to offend me, I just rise above it because I am bigger than that and obviously I have gotten so high that they are trying to claw me down. Though what they say may hurt and have me feeling low for a few days, I will rise again. Like a phoenix from the ashes, to use that old metaphor!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Progress Yourself

I haven't seen one of my friends 3 - 4 months and we were just chatting generally, I mentioned all the stuff I was up to nowadays and I had to take a step back (or wheel back!)

I am proud of where I am now because I even took the reigns at work earlier on today, running the hub in Camberley library.

No one else except the people I work with is going to get how major that was for me. And sometimes not even my colleagues will get how important something is to me. That gave me an idea.

So I implore you, if you're someone who thinks life never changes, to keep a bullet point list of what you are up to, monthly.

You will notice changes. Even if it's just a little thing, jot it down because its quite often that the thing we see as small now turn out to be the bigger things.

An example: I was nervous (and still am) about calling strangers on the phone but I was the only one in the office when the phone rang, so I had to answer it. I'm still not confident about speaking on the phone but I have to remember that it might be their job to listen to me, that may well be what they are payed for.

By doing this monthly or once or twice a year you can see how far you've progressed.



Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Try Before You Say Goodbye

This isn't always possible, but in cases where it is it's better to find out than never know.

Don't give up at the first hurdle.

You might have many throughout your life and the trick is not to avoid, but work around them.

Don't give up just because you're not good at something.

One of my magic words comes into play here: yet.

Just because you're not there yet, doesn't mean you never will be.

Example: I've been having singing lessons and at first I was rubbish and couldn't even hold an arpedigo (a really long note). But I kept on with it for two months solid and I am now able to do them much more strongly. This, however does not give me a feasible reason to stop practising. I still practise as much as I can.

It takes practise and persistence. Persistence is carrying on in spite of what others may think or indeed say.

This might be an idea you've had or anything but the key with persistence is that you don't let anyone or anything put you off.

It is very hard to do but all you have to remember is that it's only their opinion.

*Hope this has helped. Let me know in the comments!*



Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Let Things Go

I have seen how miserable holding onto grudges can be. And it is such a waste. Remember, every sixty seconds you spend angry or upset is a minute of happiness that you will never get back. I'm not saying that you don't have the right to feel angry or upset or however you feel I'm just saying that it's time you can't get back so why spend it looking at life from a negative viewpoint?

You have to decide when something has run its course in your life. This can be challenging but you will know deep down when it is time for change.

I am frightened of time and the time I don't spend happy. I have reminders on my mirrors in my bathroom, the ones I look at for the longest, that are life-affirming quotes. It's the hope that whenever I have a bad day (because we all have them) I like to remember and realise that happiness is always within my reach.

It might not be much but if I can smile and direct my thoughts in a more positive direction I will.

Many times it's hard to decide what to give more than a passing thought to, all I know is it's not worth the pain\anger or any negative attribute if it's going to make you feel bad or worse.

Life is too short to wrap yourself up in bitterness belfry for things that may go wrong or unhappiness. Accepting your grievances with a smile is the strongest, bravest thing in my book.



Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Stop Taking Things For Granted

Yes OK, you may not be having the time of your life here, but you made it here. Now you get to choose how you act. Remember, it's always under your control. Who else is in control of you? Even if you've been led to this point by someone else, you always have the power to say no and stop whatever you feel you have to do.

Time is so precious and you never know how much you have left. You're still breathing, you're still here. Take pride in that. These may seem like small things but they're not. And you're dealing with everything you have to deal with. That is a tremendous achievement. Congratulations.  It may not seem like much but getting through every day is an achievement.

It's beneficial to realise that often it's the little things that make the biggest changes in our lives. Even 'little' things going right area blessing. A ray of light on a grim day or the like. No matter how small they seem they ate not. Be thankful for 'little' justices because someday you'll look back to see that those 'small' things are the major things.

I thought I'd include a list of some of the things I know that I take for granted:

Having a pen within reach
Having a post-it or notebook to jot things down on or in
The sunny days
My parents
The weight of my wheelchair ie. bags and accessories
Running water
Cups of tea
Food to eat

That's just a list I just thought of though I'm sure there are many more...