Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I was going to trying to work on a piece of original writing to share today....but nothing was working out so I'll try for next week. This week's lyric I wrote at uni. It's about a boy not knowing that he is reason why you're going insane, if that makes sense. I hope you like it and can relate to it!


The feeling lingers as you walk away

I reach out my fingers don’t know what to say

I try but fail at catching your fall

Hoping I won’t miss your mail or your call

Good things always have to be earnt

And if you are my lesson I wanna learn


You are so beautiful

Just your eyes taking me in

Is enough to send me crazy

I don’t know how you do it oh baby

You do it effortlessly

Absent-mindedly sending me crazy


I’m mad about you

You must know that much is true

Cos why would I stick around

If I don’t wanna be lost then found

Good things often mean compromise

I’ll give up everything so I can look in your eyes

(Repeat Chorus)


It doesn’t matter what you do with me

Oh no-o I don’t mind baby

You send me crazy

Everything you do you do effortlessly

It’s all so easy

Running your fingers through your hair

Absent-mindedly making me wanna care.
Copyright © 2013 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.



Sunday, 25 May 2014

How To: Be Ok When You're Different!

We are all at different stages of our lives - every minute (second) of every day and just because you haven't had what someone else had by this stage in their life doesn't make it wrong and most importantly, it doesn't make you weak. I'm quite relieved that I didn't have to go through everything that Harry Potter did by the ttime I was eighteen. I know you're saying 'He's a literary character' but you know what I mean. Wishing your life away until you have what someone else has got is not good for you. It's not good for your health. We all get handed different opportunities and some we seize and some we don't. This can be for many reasons ie. the timing's not right etc. Everyone has different paths through life - it is not a race, though oftentimes it feels like it. It's all right to feel broken sometimes, but it's important at those times to be able to pick yourself up and make yourself feel better. Knowing that you are good enough and strong enough to not let this knock down be the end of you is what you need to be sure of. Life gives its strongest members the toughest storms because it knows that you can take it. At the last moment before I intended to end my life - I burst into tears because I thought of my Grandfather - who was somewhat of a hero to me - and I didn't go through with it. There must be a reason why I'm here in the present. And I've kept hold of that belief.

And I'm a bit different - writing my lyrics and putting them on here for you to see. 'Without music behind it, it's a bit of a dead end.' I know that but I like the idea that people can make up their own melodies and/or just read the lyrics as a story. I am good at writing stuff like that. And just because one person doesn't like it - doesn't mean other people don't appreciate what I'm trying to do. I have to keep reminding myself of that one.



Wednesday, 21 May 2014

'All Right'

I wrote this lyric to remind myself that life DOES work out if not always in the way I or other people plan. When you're stuck at a hurdle, it will seem impossible that it does. You've just got to always keep the faith that it will work out, if not in the way you'd expect.

Hope that makes sense! I hope you like the lyric anyway.

It's called: ALL RIGHT


Do you ever feel like you lost a chance?

There’s no way to heal a romance

Once the opportunity’s gone hey

Do you ever wanna run away?

Just scream out to the words they say?

I’m on your side I’ve been there


I can’t say I know what goes on in your life

Or in your pretty little mind

But I know things will work out all right

If they don’t you can blame me

But for now let’s just wait and see

Cos you know when the world feels like your enemy

It’s simply taking it’s time

To make everything all right


Do you ever feel like you can’t go on?

Can’t get five miles in this storm

Let me shelter you from the rain hey

Do you ever wish for things to change?

Then things start to happen and it feels so strange

Just open your heart and I will be with you

(Repeat Chorus)


Doesn’t it sound funny?

But if there’s one thing honey

I would say you can’t be afraid

To make your move in this life

Cos soon it’ll be too late

And you’ll be reminiscing one night

Saying if only

I don’t want you to end up lonely

Take my advice

Just know it’ll be all right

(Repeat Chorus).
Copyright © 2013 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.
Thanks for reading,

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

How To: Smile Through Life

This was actually the first suggestion I got when I first started 'How To's'. I really hope  it helps...

It’s an easy concept to believe you’d do. It is harder to actually carry out. You have to get used to looking out for the positive in every situation. Every cloud has a silver lining, I know you’ve heard all of that before but in situations their not always easy to see. Every situation does have one. Whether it’ll take years to find (‘I’m so glad I’ve been through that type of rejection etc. before, because now at least I can handle it’) or even if it’s immediate, don’t take it for granted because it could assist you later in life if you come across a problem similar. Looking positively in the light of all this negativity that rains upon us every day is not easy (the news takes a negative spin on the news of the day) and doesn’t fill your heart with much hope. I point-blank refuse to watch the news or read papers anymore because I don’t want to be brought down. People will say I don’t know what’s going on in the world because of this, but I get updates sent to my email about the things I need to know. I watch DVDs and read books which keep my mind active.

Haven’t you handled everything you’ve been through in the past? So why can’t you handle this one? This problem is probably a whole lot smaller than anything you’ve been through in the past, or if it’s bigger: just take it step by step and you’ll see that things become a lot easier when you break them down. If you have to do it alone, it is tough but remember that you’ve been through worst in the past. You were born! Alive and screaming, but you’re here! Always remember that. You are strong. You can make it through the tough. There’s always going to be someone looking up to you. Someone will always admire you, for whatever reason; so give them something to admire or look up to. You can make it through the storms of this life. You wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t.



Wednesday, 14 May 2014


This lyric I wrote when I came home from university, when I was tired of being afraid. Now my home situation hasn't been the best (I can't get out my front door STILL!) but when it does improve (hopefully soon) I will try to keep this belief, that I have in life, going. I know that life isn't easy, it's far from it. But hopefully I can maintain this and try to help others, as I'm trying to do now.


I’ve been in the dark but I’m ready now

I’m not afraid to say what I’m about

Cos if I live in fear

My song you’ll never hear

So I’m coming outta my shell

The spotlight’s where I belong

To people I’ve along the way I wish you well

There was a reason you didn’t stay for long


And I’m ready

Ready for my heart not to get caught up

Ready to banish all silly dreams of love

It wasn’t meant for me

I’m ‘sposed to keep people happy

And as long as I do that

It’s job done back to the start


I’ve been alone but I’m awake now

I’m not afraid to shout it out loud

I’m free and this is where I wanna be

No plans no story no history

So I’m coming outta my comfort zone

The spotlight’s where I belong

I’m on my own but I know I’m not alone

In feeling this way sing my song

(Repeat Chorus)


I’m ready, I’m ready now

To totally spin your world around

I can’t keep promises to you

Cos what you ask of me I just can’t do

(Repeat Chorus).
Copyright © 2013 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

How To: When Your Troubles Don't Worry Others

I'm going to keep going with How To's - at least until I run out - the fact that I'm not getting many views atm is disappointing - so if you like them please pass my links along - I want to reach as many people as I can - people you might not think need help - might so please pass on my links. Thank you.

You may not think it, but everybody hurts at some point during their life. Maybe that’s why they’re so successful at what they’re doing now. Everything may look pristine on the surface but not so on the inside. There’s no saying how another person is feeling throughout a day; they could just be putting on a brave face to get through it. We are all different. We can’t feel the same way about a particular situation.

We won’t and that’s Ok.

How boring would it be if everyone’s reaction was the same? We all have a limited, stunted and incomplete point of view on life. Yes, that’s right, everyone has. We are all facing situations in our lives, be they major or minor, that we think should be the centre of the universe. Everybody should be focusing on how you are feeling and how you are dealing with this particular situation. It should be important to everyone. I know that’s how it feels.

Everyone has these times. And because everyone has them, there’s no one thing that can take precedence over others. It may seem like the biggest thing in the world to you, and nobody can take that away from you, but it can’t be such a big deal to all. And that’s alright.

We all have catastrophic things that happen in our lives that we just seem to hide to other people. There are so many things that go on from day to day that it wouldn’t be possible for your worries to belittle everyone else’s. Though of course, it does to you.

Everyone is struggling. It’s unfair to place your struggles above theirs. Because while they’re difficulties might seem easy to you, you are not them and you don’t know what circumstance has bought them to facing this particular problem. We go out and we put on a mask.

Hope this helps. Suggestions are always encouraged either in a comment here or a tweet (@steph_carfrae) thanks!

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

'Love You Tonight'

I've been doing some thinking and figured out that my reviews aren't getting as many views as the lyrics were.

So because I'm not the fastest reader in the world, review-wise I think I'll put up alternate lyrics and reviews! So you've got to check every Wednesday what I have put up this week! Hope this Ok!

It's called 'Love You Tonight' and I hope you like it!

I fell for you so hard
Yes I know I have a weak heart
But I can't help what you do to me
The words that you said are stuck in my head on repeat
And I know you, you just wanna have a good time
You're not looking for love tonight
Neither was I

You've got that sparkle
That certain smile
That makes me go woozy inside
You've got me going crazy
I must be out of my mind
To wanna love you tonight

The way you make me feel
How will I know if it's real?
If we don't get it on tonight
I could be a real good surprise
I know that when you, you look in my eyes
You're not looking for love tonight
Neither was I
(Repeat Chorus)
Oh baby baby
You make the sunshine hazy
Who ever thought this could be?
Right now it's all about you and me
You've got that ooh
That certain smile
That makes me go ooh inside
You got me crazy
Do anything for you baby
I must be out of my mind
To want to
To need to love you tonight.

Copyright © 2012. Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

This lyric was written when I was at uni when a particular Irishman took me for a drink and then wheeled me home. But it was 9.00pm on a Friday night, so after he'd scampered off I wheeled right back to the SU.



Sunday, 4 May 2014

How To: Be Positive When The Voices In Your Head Get A Hold

You need to stop nagging yourself. If you let that little voice in your head tell you you’re not good enough, he will win. You’ll never get anywhere if you believe him. (I refer to the voice inside my head as a male because when I argue with it, it’s better than saying I argued with myself!) It is hard to do, it took me years to come around to the positive way of thinking but you can get there. Whether you start today, tomorrow or have tried in the past: the point of a trial is that you don’t give up. If you didn’t try you’d have nothing to give up from. If you try and don’t succeed: why is it you stop there? You’re trying for a reason. No matter what it is, are you going to give up after one attempt? Is it worth that little to you?

You might not be getting seen by the people you want to notice you yet. I know only too well about this one. You’ve just got to keep on persevering and one day they will. It may seem like forever you’re waiting to be noticed but I can promise you, the RIGHT people RIGHT now already have their eyes on you. It may not be who you want it to be at the moment, but the kaleidoscope of your life fixes on the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time.

Trying to be noticed by someone because you fancy them is another one of these. The sun rises in  the east and it will shine on you when the time is RIGHT. If it shines when you are in their foresight than that’s awesome! Celebrate your love and be happy!

Sometimes, though the sun shines on the wrong side of you, which was very much the case during my school and uni careers. It’s hard. It sucks. Most of the time you just end up with wounded pride and that little voice returns saying ‘You’re not good enough.’

Now’s the time to fight back. Tell him that you know different, and believe it. You’re not born onto this earth for no reason. You’re not born to cower away in the corner. You were born to stand up and be proud. Of who you are. Of everything you’ve accomplished.
Hope this helps,