Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Doing things

I've noticed that just getting on with things makes it go quicker.

So I don't put things off. If I can help it.

If it's just me in a situation I'd rather not wait.

When sorting out clothes as I have in the past week (my summer wardrobe is back!) although my arm hurt me by lifting it to put hangers on the rails, I was uplifted by the colours that are re-emerging in my wardrobe!

It's so lovely, just looking over at the clothes!

I took off the doors on my wardrobe last year because there was too much weight in there and having the doors too, meant I couldn't see what I had in terms of clothing.



Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Everyone is going through situations. And they are all different.

'It seemed not so much distant as unreal.'

That defines a situation that is happening yet you are not involved in it.

It is a quote from 'Where My Heart Used To Beat' by Sebastian Faulks.

It is hard when you are not involved, to have an opinion of the situation, as you don't know everything. That's why I don't think judgements are good to make on first appearances.

Everyone has different reasons for decisions that they make.

And every situation is so different.

What occurs to anyone else you don't have a clue.

Try not to judge.

Situations are so different to everybody and depend on your perspective.