Sunday, 28 September 2014

How To: Cope With Lateness

There are many reasons for lateness; and if they do care about you or the situation they will get there. As people in this day and age, I think we are too quick to assume if lateness is an issue they just don’t care. You don’t know what might be going on in somebody else’s life. If you jump to conclusions that they just don’t care, sadly for 1 out of 5 people nowadays that may be the case. However the minorities once again strike, because of what we see and hear on the news. There are still good people out there.

You don’t know what’s going on in somebody else’s life or mind that could cause them to slip up or not be somewhere on time. If you contact a person via email it may be that they’ve not picked it up yet or they have but are just a little bit busy to get back to you currently. But they will get in contact in their own time. And if they don’t, it’s their loss. That’s how I look at it anyway!

Don’t jump to conclusions so soon! I know it’s hard in a world of instant messaging and texts being able to be sent from anywhere. But you’ve got to have an open mind. They could be having the worst day of their life, someone close to them may have died, honestly anything can happen just out of the blue in this life, so please don’t think they don’t care outright. In time, you’ll see that patience is a great virtue and maybe it would be worth it to give someone another chance. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 14

A few weeks had passed since Jamie and Ellie had last spoken. She had got on with her job – ever professional, pretending that everything was Ok. She longed for a phone call from Jamie or perhaps just a text to let her know he hadn’t forgotten about her. But she knew oh so well how things can happen in other people’s lives that one would have no clue of. Just because Jamie didn’t seem to be going through a hard time didn’t mean he wasn’t. And she of all people knows what it’s like to bottle up feelings and work to let that get the best of you. She calmed herself by telling herself that Jamie would get in contact with her when he was ready. She did not allow herself to think negatively of why he didn’t get in contact with her. Maybe he had another girl pleasing him – she knew this was none of her business and they were only friends at the moment. How to close that gap? That was the issue that she thought most relevant to their situation. Work had probably piled up and that was the reason he was uncontactable. 

She didn’t know what went on in his life and she didn’t like to speculate. Other people did that with her all the time, thought that appearance meant everything. She is a well-turned-out girl always dressing well and on time when she needs to be. But people are surprised, look at her in awe, when they have a conversation with her about what’s happening in the world or just general chit-chat from day to day. Of course, her friends like Poppy recognise her as a friend and don’t do all the gawping. But it is the strangers, the strangers that thankfully she’ll probably never see again. Did they think she lived in another world? Did they think that her issues outweighed the state of this world, when indeed they’d grasped that she lived in it?

She went for lunch at her usual deli and was surprised to turn around and see Jamie coming through the door. She had ordered and went to sit at a table. Jamie ordered what he wanted, as the shop was quiet, and came to sit down opposite Ellie. She swept a few tendrils of hair back with her hand and clipped them out of her face.
‘I don’t have long. One of our writers cornered me about their next novel! I only have 10 minutes,’ Ellie told Jamie, looking straight at him.
‘That’s OK, what I have to say won’t take long. It’s just – well – I’ve got a friend Sophia who just had her heart thumped by another guy, would you be up for drinks tonight at my place?’ Jamie spoke softly.

WOW! He was finally inviting her over to his, even if it was to help someone else. ‘Sure,’ Ellie replied coolly, looking down at her ham and cucumber baguette. ‘Ok, cool, thanks. It’s at 7,’ Jamie informed her. Ellie nodded at her serviette.
‘I’ll be there,’ she said, finishing her baguette and wiping her mouth. She re-applied her light pink lipstick very quickly, holding out a pocket mirror to apply it with expertise. She bid goodbye to Jamie, they’d already swapped directions to his place and in a flash she was out of the door and very quickly passing reception to get back to work. 

*Hope you like it. Thank you for reading!



Sunday, 21 September 2014

How To: Be Determined

I went into hospital for my third operation. I was having the tendons in my calves released. I was in a children’s hospital because at the time I was only sixteen.  It was painful. I had emails from Carrie Hope Fletcher, which I’d acquired prior to the visit. They really inspired me and helped me to keep strong. I read them every night before I went to sleep. I cannot even express how much that meant to me. The emails were sent via myspace back in the days myspace was cool! I’ve actually met Carrie and thanked her endlessly. To think a superstar like her, would care about me is mind-blowing. So once again, Carrie thank you, your words really were magic!

Visitors made me feel a lot better, as they always do. But it was the result of a text I received that really spurred me on to get out of hospital. The text said something like: It’s been a couple of days, I haven’t heard from you and am scared for you. Although my legs still hurt, from the moment I got that text I was determined to leave hospital, merely so I could get in contact with this person. (At the time I had a pay as you go contract and I had run out of money on it for that month. Typical teenager!) It was the love I felt for this person that got me out of hospital, and the fact that I didn’t want that person worrying unnecessarily. My legs honestly felt like lead, but I was determined to tell this person that I was Ok that I took a few steps which allowed me to go home. 



Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Things Are Not Clear-Cut Part 13

Any excuse, any excuse, Jamie thought. He had returned to his job which started at 8am this morning. He had been waking up about this time for  the Kurplzz job with Ellie, so when his alarm woke him it was earlier than he had prepared for. He got up nevertheless, had a shower, did all the morning necessities and got ready for the day. Today he was wearing a plain light blue top with jeans. His hair was dark blonde, the dye now fading. But he didn’t mind. He ruffled it up and gelled it up. Then he thought of Ellie, and wrote a text to her. He waited a few moments before sending it because it might be too early and would she even want an early morning text from him? He knew that early morning texts were usually reserved for people in relationships but then he realized why not? You only live once, so he may as well let his feelings be known. If a morning text didn’t prove to her she’d been on his mind since he woke up, he doesn’t know what will. He went out of his apartment after he saw his alarm telling him he had 20 minutes  before usual work resumed. It was a 15-minute walk to his work. He worked for a charity, arranging venues and getting into contact with celebs to represent them. It was a quiet time at the moment, and he had passed the brunt of the work to Matt, who worked as his understudy, for the last two days. He thought he’d give him a chance, without Jamie himself breathing down his neck. Everyone deserves that, in his book. And Matt seemed like a good colleague, able to talk to people and sympathize with them, and get sympathy from them. Jamie cannot wait to see how Matt coped. He walked in the opposite direction to the one he’d been using for the last two days. 

*Hope this insight into Jamie's life has been useful! I'll probably do one from her perspective next and his after. 



Sunday, 14 September 2014

How To: See That Life Is Working For YOU

We all think that what we do is boring in comparison to others. This is NOT true. Everyone has issues, greater at times and they are dealing with them the best way they know how to. Remember: 'People are doing the best that they can from their own level of consciousness.' - Deepak Chopra.

Life is working behind the scenes for you (one of my favourite sayings!), just because you don't have it right now doesn't mean you won't. Just appreciate what you have in your life right now, it may not seem like much but: 'The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for.' Even if they are small things, at least they are not nothing. For instance, I appreciate my parents and everything they've done for me in the past now and I tell them I love them every night out of habit now. It feels good to know that when they are responding there is a smile on their faces! 

Things happen in their own time and why something has hopefully you will discover in time. Until your life catches up with you though, you may as well have a good time! When nothing's going on in your life, I know it's very hard to be patient, but just hold on and go with what life brings. 

Although finally my ramp outside has been built (YAY!), until I am able to get some transport (it's in social services hands) I am not able to get to work but when I do the world better be ready! And I know that right now it's just preparing itself! 

 - Steve Martin

Hope this has helped?!



Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 12

Ellie took her bookmark from Polly Prince’s book. It was a good read. She’d finished the book now so could allow herself to sleep. She knew tomorrow would return to normal: no Jamie. She felt upset about this, but knew she had to wear a brave face.

Seven hours later she was woken by a phone buzzing. She was surprised by this unusual wake-up call and wondered where Kelly was. She looked over to see Kelly still in her bed. She arose at the sound of the phone and without a word passed out of thhe door into the bathroom. It seemed it was a good wake up call for her. Kelly’s phone started vibrating the next moment. Kelly must have assumed it was her phone. Ellie looked at her phone. Her bleariness was instantly replaced by a smile when she looked at whom the text had come from: Jamie. ‘Have a fantastic day beautiful’ it read. She went over to open the blinds and felt good about herself. She got dressed with her make up on and went out of the door ten minutes after Kelly as usual. 

But she felt high, and she was floating as she whizzed past the reception desk. ‘You look happy!’ Poppy exclaimed as Ellie passed. Not even Poppy could dampen her radiance today. True, Poppy had probably seen Jamie after Ellie last night, or heaven forbid slept with him, but Ellie was happy for what she had. The part of Jamie that she had. ‘Jamie and I are over,’ Poppy told her before she had to ask.
‘What happened?’ Ellie asked, a flush of colour rushing to her face.
‘It was mutual, I think he has feelings for someone else,’ Poppy smiled. Ellie couldn’t help but wish she was that someone else. When she fell, she fell deep.
‘That’s just too bad, I’m sorry,’ Ellie cooed softly.
‘Ahh don’t worry about me!’ Poppy exclaimed, sending a smile to Kieran, the new receptionist. Ellie knew what that meant. Ellie moved along to the lift, not wanting to get in the way of Poppy and her new hobby.

It felt strange going up in the lift without Jamie there. Soon they were up on the 29th floor and Ellie got out. Tall came up in the opposing lift a second later. ‘No Jamie? Ahh I’m going to miss him, but you can get back to work now!’ Tall exclaimed as Ellie went to her desk. Jamie had left it perfectly neat and tidy. ‘I’ve gotten through so many books and I think we should sign…’ Ellie tells Tall wheeling into her office. 

*What do you think should happen next?



Sunday, 7 September 2014

How To: Put Your Mind Over The Matter

It really does work! When I was in pain my mind just transported me to a memory, a joyous memory of something I had done on my 17th birthday (I spoke to someone for the first time) and I could no longer feel the pain. It is hard to do. You have to totally withdraw from yourself at this moment, and just picture the scenario again afresh. I’d had a lot of experience of this by this point. In fact the very first time I stayed in hospital on my own I was able to see an amber light from roadwork’s or something, so I just pretended I was back in Orlando, Florida where every night I’d go to sleep able to see an amber light outside my window.

It really works. I know a lot of people will just dismiss it. People have a lot on their plate and so don’t have time to recount what memory will make them feel better in a particular moment when or indeed if they need it. But it is good to think about. In the little lulls that everybody has, when nothing’s going on. I’ve been given a lot of chances in my life, and for the many I have taken I don’t regret a second. Every second was part of the experience, so although a lot of things did go wrong, I can’t remember them now because as has been said many times, the highlights of a time count for the memories. One of the most important thing I have learnt is that you may as well take a chance because what’s the worst that could happen? 



Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 11

Ellie put her butterfly pin in Polly Prince’s book at page 101. Having a butterfly pin as her bookmark helps her when reading tediously boring novels. Admittedly she’d had to do this with the most recent E. E Burns novel but wasn’t going to admit it in current company. That being of Jamie. If he knew she actually couldn’t stand Burns’ writing, he’d be devastated. She was taking one for the team, as E. E Burns is very hard to track down. He’d only ever met with Tallulah once in the past 10 years and he’d been prolifically writing for the past 16 years. Ellie had been most surprised that Jamie had been able to arrange a get together so quickly but then again he probably assumed he was going to the pub with a few old friends.

Jamie had coughed so loudly that Ellie looked up at the clock. Five already! Time to clock off, but as Ellie, Jamie and Tallulah knew Ellie’s job didn’t end there. I’ll get another chapter in before we go out tonight, Ellie promised herself. Ellie was out of the building five minutes later after bidding farewell to Jamie, who was coming over to their flat at 6.45 to pick Ellie up. Ellie didn’t think of this as anything more than a friend helping out another friend and she was grateful for the perspective she’d assigned it. Thinking it was anything other like a date would leave her disappointed. It was for the best.

Jamie left the building and was bacck at his 10 minutes after clocking off time. He had assured Ellie he’d come and pick her up at 6.45. He felt excited. Finally he’d have her to himself, on pretence of it being about Edmund Burns who was going to show up for maybe half an hour before taking his leave. Jamie started to get into the clothes he’d picked out last night. He put on his exotic aftershave, his saved for special occasions scent.

Ellie put on her black off-the-neck dress. She felt good in it. Maybe a little tempting but it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have boys’ looking. It might even inspire… Ellie erased this thought from her mind. How many times? Feeling good, surely that is enough? She sighed but didn’t change out of the dress. She’d taken too long deciding what dress to wear, she only just had time to do her make-up before Jamie arrived. She went for a powdery blue on her eyes, a touch of blush on her cheeks and just a glimmer of gloss on her lips. Almost like he’d been cued, the doorbell rang the very moment she put down her lip brush.

‘Wow. You’re very on time,’ Ellie told him, welcoming him into the flat. He laughed.
‘You look great,’ he said looking at Ellie.
‘You too,’ Ellie bit the inside of her cheek. They were standing in the hallway. ‘Had we better be going?’ Ellie asked, anxious to get this meeting over and done with.
‘Oh yeah, yeah,’ Jamie said rather hesitantly. Ellie wheeled in front of him and then he took control.

When they were at the bar Jamie got the first round of drinks in. Jamie bought three drinks, a pint expectant of Edmund to arrive. While they were waiting Jamie drummed up conversation. ‘So Polly Prince, real name or print name?’ He asked, joily squinting at an empty glass at the next table. ‘Hmm, people do have strange names! I think it’s real!’ Ellie returned giggling. ‘How have you heard of-’
‘You are reading it!’ Jamie laughed. They giggled together for a moment, before being greeted by Edmund Burns.

‘Hiya old pal,’ Edmund broke into the conversation, patting Jamie on the back.
‘Hey Ed, this is Ellie,’ Jamie introduced the pair.
‘Ooh, you never told me you had a girlfriend!’ Edmund beamed at Ellie.
‘Oh no I’m not – ’ Ellie started to say.
‘Lovely to meet you,’ Edmund said, interrupting her. Jamie winked at her. The wink that told her ‘to just go with it, it makes things easier’. She returned him a flirty, playful smile. She turned her attention to Edmund who had downed his first pint by the time she looked at him. ‘I’ll get the next round, same again everybody?’ Edmund asked boisterously. Ellie looked at her drink which she was only halfway through at this time. ‘Yeah, Ok mate but we are not doing shots this time,’ Jamie laughed.
‘Ok, ok,’ Edmund giggled like a high-school girl. While he moseyed on to the bar Ellie got her notebook out of her bag. She had some questions. Jamie agreed that the best way to get him to talk was by getting him merry and he needed no help getting there. He returned with a shot of sambuka for himself, another pint for Jamie and another vodka coke for Ellie. When she had finished nursing the first one she moved with quick ease to the notebook.

Interrogation time! ‘Edmund, what does the other E in your name stand for?’ It wasn’t a question she had written down she’d just always wondered. ‘Eugene,’ Edmund replied. ‘Where do you get the inspiration for your novels?’ she asked looking down at her notebook, ready to write an answer. ‘From reality, then I exaggerate them, say have you read my book Mother’s Ground?’
‘Yes, I actually just finished it yesterday,’ Ellie told him.
‘Well, my mother had been taken for a rough ride by some youths, I added a family into the mix and bam! There’s your story!’
‘Clever!’ Ellie nodded absorbing this new information.
‘Where did ‘Claire’ originate?’ she asked, again without the question actually being in her notebook. She was intrigued now.
‘My ex-wife,’ he said. ‘She was actually called Laura, but by using another name I could get away with doing what I wanted to her,’ he went on. He had had his shot by this point and was looking over at the bar longingly, like he thought it’d stop existing if he didn’t stare at it. Jamie noticed this. ‘I’ll get you one more,’ Jamie opened his wallet. ‘Oh no, really it’s my turn,’ Ellie butted in, getting out her purse. Jamie suddenly appeared at her shoulder. ‘Honestly, you have no idea how much this man can put away,’ he stage whispered to her.
‘But it’s time I pay my dues, what d’you want Ed?’ she asked.
‘Actually, I think I’ll be heading off,’ Edmund said following the signals from Jamie. ‘Oh Ok, it was lovely to have met you Ed,’ she exclaimed as he pickedc up his coat from where he’d been sitting. After putting that on and telling Ellie and Jamie to have a fun night, he left. 

Ellie started getting her coat on also. ‘It’s been great Jamie. Really fantastic, but I’ve got to finish reading Miss Polly Prince’s book by tomorrow,’ Ellie told him and with that headed towards the door. Jamie was left all alone wondering if Ellie had enjoyed the time she’d spent playing his girlfriend, stopping the mythering thought that she hadn’t.