Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Life Goes On

When a catastrophe has hit your life it is hard to remember that the world is still spinning outside your little bubble.

You can get caught up in  the small things that you forget or lose sight of the bigger picture.

'The sea still moves, its waves crashing into shore. The mosquitoes still hum, the air still breathes.' (Pg 47, Some Kind  Of Wonderful, Giovanna Fletcher.)

This idea that life still goes on without you. I think this is or can be a hard idea to fathom.

But I also look at it as a refreshing idea.

Life doesn't just stop because you're going through a hard time.

Though I'm sure many people wish it could or would, I can assure you that when things return to normal (as they often do) you'll be so glad that you didn't give up.

There's so much life yet to live.

Thank you for reading and I hope it's helped.



Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Make A Wish: My First Day

It was incredible.

A really kind genuine vibe they have in the office!

The team make everything so warm and easily accessible to me so I had no worries.

They were so welcoming.

They couldn't do enough for me, checking that I was OK and that I was good with the tasks they set me.

So at first I was putting badges into bags and then in the afternoon I got to do admin stuff which I am very familiar with.

It really is a fun, inspiring place to work and I can't wait for more!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


It was absolutely out of this world to meet Giovanna Fletcher.

She is such an inspiration to me and has a beautiful mind.

It's mind-blowing when I look at all the books she has written that are displayed so proudly in my room.

I am in total awe of her and her talent.

There's an air of possibility around her which made it amazing to be in her presence.

I don't know how she finds time to do what she does with two young boys at home.

It was 'Some Kind Of Wonderful' to meet her and I can't wait to start reading the book.

I am saving it as at the moment I have got to finish my library book but I am looking forward to starting 'Some Kind Of Wonderful' immensely.



Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mind = Canvas

I had an idea of what to put in this blog - that your mind is canvas that gets wiped clean in the night.

Now you can put whatever you like on there. Which is why putting positive thoughts in your head is so necessary. And making having fun for yourself is so important. As we did when I was at a photo shoot recently.

It was such a buzz, I had a brilliant day and met some really awesome people.

It was my first time at a shoot.

And even though it was really cold, just the fact that we were all working together towards the same goal felt so good it was like wearing a warm cloak.

We were  all enjoying to make the event work and the energy was summoned from within us, butt it came out and hopefully they show in the photos!

It was a library shoot, so I'm not sure where, or even if, the pictures will be used if ever, but it was a fantastic experience to work so closely with other people who were all so positive.

It was a fabulous day and I look forward to doing it again. I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Your mind is a Rolex. There are so many things that can be going on and require your thought.

It is  also in the sense that it never stops.

Like the stars in the sky that never stop burning, it is only daylight that causes them not to be visible during the day.

The mind can be easily distracted from what has to be done.

It's like if you have one email to send but a million things seem to trump that one email. Isn't that the way?

Putting off things won't stop tomorrow coming, it will only put you behind in your plans.

This is a message to myself, it isn't an email I've been putting off but writing in general once again.

Other things do come up and reading is very important in my chosen pursuit, but it's very important to hone my craft.

Hopefully writing reminders such as these will actualise me to get cracking with ideas.



Wednesday, 4 October 2017


I'm beginning to make plans for the future again.

 For a while, I was off the map - I had no idea where my direction was going!

Although I still don't, I have a brighter premonition now.

Don't worry, there's nothing anyone could have done for me, it was something I had to find on my own.

And now I feel more ready for whatever is coming my way.

I'm feeling more excited about possible prospects in my future. 



Wednesday, 27 September 2017


The thing I've found about ideas is that writing them down is so beneficial.

Actually having them down on paper instead of trapped in you r head is so freeing.

I'd had an idea for a story for quite a while and I kept thinking about it but not actually writing it.

I am proud of myself today because I started writing it.

It's still preliminary and I don't know where it will lead in story terms but I am pretty excited by it.

Anything is possible.

I was sick of writing notes for the story.

Let's get down to writing it.

But I was scared.

I was thinking this was a massive idea.

I took a deep breath today, got my notes out and started writing.

Now I have a lot more space in my mind for other probably useless things that I'll pick up.

Thank you for reading