Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 12

Ellie took her bookmark from Polly Prince’s book. It was a good read. She’d finished the book now so could allow herself to sleep. She knew tomorrow would return to normal: no Jamie. She felt upset about this, but knew she had to wear a brave face.

Seven hours later she was woken by a phone buzzing. She was surprised by this unusual wake-up call and wondered where Kelly was. She looked over to see Kelly still in her bed. She arose at the sound of the phone and without a word passed out of thhe door into the bathroom. It seemed it was a good wake up call for her. Kelly’s phone started vibrating the next moment. Kelly must have assumed it was her phone. Ellie looked at her phone. Her bleariness was instantly replaced by a smile when she looked at whom the text had come from: Jamie. ‘Have a fantastic day beautiful’ it read. She went over to open the blinds and felt good about herself. She got dressed with her make up on and went out of the door ten minutes after Kelly as usual. 

But she felt high, and she was floating as she whizzed past the reception desk. ‘You look happy!’ Poppy exclaimed as Ellie passed. Not even Poppy could dampen her radiance today. True, Poppy had probably seen Jamie after Ellie last night, or heaven forbid slept with him, but Ellie was happy for what she had. The part of Jamie that she had. ‘Jamie and I are over,’ Poppy told her before she had to ask.
‘What happened?’ Ellie asked, a flush of colour rushing to her face.
‘It was mutual, I think he has feelings for someone else,’ Poppy smiled. Ellie couldn’t help but wish she was that someone else. When she fell, she fell deep.
‘That’s just too bad, I’m sorry,’ Ellie cooed softly.
‘Ahh don’t worry about me!’ Poppy exclaimed, sending a smile to Kieran, the new receptionist. Ellie knew what that meant. Ellie moved along to the lift, not wanting to get in the way of Poppy and her new hobby.

It felt strange going up in the lift without Jamie there. Soon they were up on the 29th floor and Ellie got out. Tall came up in the opposing lift a second later. ‘No Jamie? Ahh I’m going to miss him, but you can get back to work now!’ Tall exclaimed as Ellie went to her desk. Jamie had left it perfectly neat and tidy. ‘I’ve gotten through so many books and I think we should sign…’ Ellie tells Tall wheeling into her office. 

*What do you think should happen next?



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