Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Just Talking!

  I don't know what to post about really. I've gotten into the good habit of writing now because at uni I was a bit lazy when it came to that. Even though (yes I know!) I was on a Creative Writing course! I had a reputation to maintain! But now I'm happy to say that everything's going along the right track. And somehow I managed to pass my university degree with a 2:1! I don't know ow the hell that happened!

I've been reading quite a few books lately including 'The Age Of Miracles', Love Lies (again!) and am currently in the middle of  reading Jack Canfield's 'The Success Principles' from which I am picking up lots of great tips!

So it's a short post for this week! But if you have anything you want me to discuss, get my opinion on or anything just comment below or tweet me (@steph_carfrae). Any problems? With life in general o more intimately? If there are any you wish to share with me, please know I won't name names! And I will try to understand thins from your viewpoint but the great ting is I'm a stranger so I won't judge you and I will e able to see it from different perspectives! So try me, I am here to help!



Wednesday, 24 July 2013

'One Thing'

 The thing is when I can't think of anything to say, I have something to retreat back to. Because I started this blog as a platform for my lyrics, I can go back to that anytime! II hope  you don't mind. I wrote this a few years ago and my best friend at the time, thought it was based on a particular memory but it wasn't. I'll include the picture from which my friend thought it was based and see what you think! So here's the picture:




There is one thing

One thing



So you turned around

Looked me in the eyes

I fell to the ground

You had me hypnotised

So you took me home

And took care of me

As if I had broken bones

And made me be all that I can be



There is one thing you should know

If it is not already showing

That I will love you relentlessly

No matter if you don’t love me

There is one thing you should know

That I will never let you go

One thing you should know

That I love you from the bottom of my soul



So what you don’t see me that way?

Don’t mean you can’t

Just the sight of you makes my day

I know that you can

(That you can)

So you look at me

And my heart stops beating

I find it so hard to believe

That you can’t see what I need to breathe

Is you

(Repeat Chorus)


I can’t stop loving you

So don’t make me try

I want you

To be by my side

Night and day

And hear me when I say hey

(Repeat Chorus).


Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

So do you agree with my best friend? I'd love to know.

As ever, if there's anything you want me to write about (a personal problem [without names] or a public issue) that  you wish to get my opinion on or my experience of please comment below or tweet me (@steph_carfrae) thanks. You can contact me in these ways to let me know if you agree with my best friend too! Thanks 4 reading,



Wednesday, 17 July 2013

5 Principles To Happiness

1. Consider Others Feeling
(If they've had a hard day offer to do something for them, even a tiny thing can make a huge difference)

2. Smile For Strangers
(You pass strangers every day, for one second sometimes longer, so give the a smile you never know what someone's going through and a smile could be all they need to lift them out of  dark place)

3. Be positive - not easy, but possible.
(The positives in things won't always be obvious, but they will be somewhere, maybe buried deep within a situation but as you go through these situations they will shape your personality)

4. Try en against the odds
(If you don't try for anything, no one will feel sympathy when you lose it all whereas if you do try it's n 'if' it gets taken away and if you try you deserve it much more than those people who don't. How do you expect to get anywhere in life if you don't try?)

5. Believe in yourself.
(This is the most important on this list. If you don't believe in yourself you are grounded. But you don't need to be. I only believe in myself because I have conformation from others. I had a 21 book, full of beautiful messages from my friends and celebrities (Carrie Hope Fletcher and McFLY) in there and I asked my closest friends when I was 16 to do a Q&A about me and my life. I look at these things when I am feeling low about myself or just need a cheer up!)

As ever, if anything in this post has touched  you please comment thepost below or tweet me (@steph_carfrae). If anything has stricken you that you would like me to talk about (or attempt to) leave me a comment or tweet me.

Thank you for reading,



Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Your state of mind is very important for a happiness principle. If you are close minded and only consider your priorities as important then they probably won’t work for you. Narrow-mindedness can become a way of life and you need to realise what is happening before it’s too late.  There is a lot that goes on in other people’s lives - not just your own. My family had had a tough week with unprecedented circumstances  and when my sister came over they thought it would be a relief – but she only took her temper out on us – which she has apologised for, so I’m no longer angry with her for unloading her crap on us but it would be nice to have a little bit of perspective. So that’s the advice I have to give: just remember to put everything in perspective. Now of course her things were important but nowhere near as important as my health which was hanging in the balance at the time. But it was important to her. So I can understand. I do understand.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Quick Update: Smile For Strangers

I'm running a scheme for Make A Wish Foundation UK 'Smile At Strangers'. You can help out by buying a  top here: . Remember it's only the 'Smile At Strangers' tops where the money will go to charity! The others are my designs. It is totally my scheme so you will not find the link on the Make A Wish website. The money I get from sales will go completely and utterly to Make A Wish Foundation UK.

I am so passionate about this scheme, because a smile can help lift a stranger out of a bad place, should they be in one. And smiling makes you feel great too! So please give it a go if you can, it only takes a second; you feel great and smiling burns calories! It will make everybody feel better. And it just might help someone.

If you've been affected by this, please don't be afraid to leave a comment below and/or tweet me (@steph_carfrae)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Ignorance Is Bliss!

...when you're young! It was a time when if you didn't understand something you wouldn't pass judgement on it. That is what, I think, we should do in modern day society! You can't understand everyone's way of life, so stop judging: for all you know this could be their last day on earth.

It's all become about 'I'm so scared of what other people will think of me' when really you shouldn't give a damn. Much easier said than done, granted, you just have to learn to let go of fears. Those who love you will love you for you and not the person you're pretending to be. The best way this is explained is through the picture of a person in a wheelchair looking at themselves in a mirror and seeing a ballerina! People will make their minds up about you regardless, and pretending to be someone/something you're not only makes more work for you. It's more important how you view yourself than how you look to onlookers.

People always get caught up on: 'I have to look a certain way' NO YOU DON'T! Dress in whatever makes you comfortable and/or feel a million dollars...