Thursday, 30 August 2012


Sorry about my lateness, was so drained yesterday, anyway...

I wrote this originally as a song to accompany something I wrote about two friends falling in love...and I had the female character singing and releasing it for ironic effect. Hope you like it anyway.

It's called:

I might be crazy
But I believe you feel it too
Tell me I’m your baby
And I’ll believe you
There’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do
To spend a moment with you
But our wires keep getting double crossed
So the moments we have alone are lost

Baby I believe
Yes you’re all that I need
Keep me off the ground you’ve got me ten feet
Up on cloud nine
I know that with you I will be just fine
So baby tell me what I need to hear
Three words whispered softly in my ear

I may be insane
But I believe in you and me
Tell me you can’t stop saying my name
Cos I believe we were meant to be
There’s no one in this world who ever could
Ever stop me falling for you
But the precious moments we have together
Are runed but you know we’ve got forever
(Repeat Chorus)
Ooh yes I believe
You were made for me
And I for you
We both know the truth
That we will be
Together you and me
Two hearts will beat
As one
Cos you’re by my side
Oh yeah
Destiny has uncovered itself tonight.

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

Hope you like it and if you want to put music to it, or try to, just let me know. I am @steph_carfrae on twitter and/or you can leave a comment beneath. Thank you. xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

'Love Rat'

These are a little bit angry - these lyrics! The story behind them is - because I feel words are my strongest power, to get over people I write them letters explaining how I felt and why. I never actually send these letters - I tend to keep them in a secret place so that I can look back and I am often flabberghasted how a 'said person' made me feel and what I thought at the time. And these lyrics originate from one of thoses! Hope you like it. Comments are appreciated.

It's called:


I know what it’s like to be in love like that
To be in love with a love rat
He appears in your dreams
So effortlessly
So unexpectedly

You, you are a love rat
How dare you make me feel like that?
Gave all my heart and all you gave back
Was nothing at all you love rat

Stupid is what I am to feel that
Way for a love rat
But I didn’t know this was what you were
Until I uncovered the true picture
And saw you going off to her
(Repeat Chorus)
Love rat
I really didn’t deserve that
Now your name’s in a song
I don’t care if it puts you off
The radar
Cos everyone should know what you are
Love rat
I gave you everything I had
What did I do to deserve that?
I guess you’ll never change your ways
A love rat is how you’re bound to stay.

Copyright © 2011 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Lyric writing is a spontaneous act, for me anyway. Often I do not go back and edit the lyrics because how I felt when I wrote them might be totally different to how I'm feeling now. But I am so glad I didn't, because now I can look back and read exactly how I felt about a particular situation. So of course these lyrics are rough versions of whatever they will become. But as I've said before, I want to get my message out to the world and I can't think of a better way than through lyrics.
Lyrics are all relative. It is up to your interpretation. What a song means to you, is all to do with the situation you find yourself in at the moment of hearing it. For example, in 'I Hope You Find It' by Miley Cyrus, one particular note in the chorus reminds me of something sad, so although it always makes me cry, I love the song. Lyrics tend to be universal, like they can happen to anyone. And obviously if you've been through a similiar situation you automatically think it's 'your song'. That is why I like writing lyrics so mmuch. Because they won't mean the same to everyone and hopefully mine are relatable. 

Anyway, these lyrics are based on coming out a show and the ferociousnessof it being the end. You know what I mean, not disappointment necessarily but when it's been so good that you can't quite believe it's over. See what you think and please do leave your response to the lyrics and what I have said, whether  you agree or disagree or are on the fence about it. Thank you!

It's called:

In the silence that follows after the band
You begin to clap your hands
Out of pure never-ending adrenalin
Maybe it was you who caught his eye endlessly hoping
At the end of the show
You get taken so quick back to the car
You’ll never know
If he is wondering where you are

Because it’s one night
One chance
One feeling so right
One last dance
Because it’s the strength
Of how she felt
Weighed up against
How his eyes made you melt

In the shadows when the stage has been forgotten
Baby you just go on hoping
That you were the one who made him stop and think
Although in your eyes tears are on the brink
At the end of the day
You know it’s a hopeless dream
A mindless game
Thinking that it’s all because of me
(Repeat Chorus)
Why do you feel so incomplete?
When he walks away from you
That has to mean something you hope
Why do you feel loneliness closing in?
When he leaves you in the emptiness where you begin
Hoping and praying you’ll see his face again
(Repeat Chorus).

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

'Yours To Break'

I wrote this two years ago. I hope you like it!

It's called:

Baby you’ve gotta live your life
I know all this but baby tonight
I cannot go on without you
And I hate feeling so blue
I know you don’t feel the way I do

Baby what if we pretended?
We’d be way past friendship
You break down all my defences
Baby what if we role played?
We’d be more than words can say
My heart is yours to break

Baby believe me I understand
Sometimes come on too strong I can
But please don’t throw away what this could be
By not even having the courtesy to talk to me
My heart can’t handle this agony
(Repeat Chorus)
If I ever see you again
If you don’t avoid my whole existence
We could be amazing
If you gave the chance just one opportunity
Our chance is here tonight
Under all those pretty lights
The feeling is so right
So let’s take our chances tonight.

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

 Comments are welcome. If you are interested in putting music to these lyrics let me know. Thank you.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

'So In Love With You'

I can write love songs too! The truth of this song is it was based on someone who I called T. T  is not one of his initials but meant a close circle of friends and I could have conversations about him, with him being in the room, but never being any the wiser! It was a good scheme we worked out to fool everyone but the people in the know. These lyrics let's my imagination run away because I never found the courage to tell him how I felt. But we are friends now, so not all was lost! I really hope you like the lyrics: comments are welcome, as always and if you'd like to have a go at putting music to the lyrics, you have free reign with the music. Just do let me know if you'd like to.


Baby when I see you I wanna run and hide
Baby if only you knew the way I felt inside
But ooh I’m too shy to say a thing
Won’t you come over and say something?
Just start with hi
We’ll progress as the weeks go by
And as the years unfold
I’ll tell you one thing you should know

I am so in love with you
I can’t help it
I can hardly mend it
I am so in love with you
But my heart is going to break
If one more second you take
To come over and say hey

Baby look at me right in the eyes
Baby now there’s no where to run and hide
But ooh you have two options
To break me or start the adoption
Of these feelings for you that I have
For me, oh I wish you had
And as the days tick down on the clock
You gotta say something else my heart will stop
(Repeat Chorus)
I, I’m so in love with you
And I, I will die without you
So I, I just wanna hold you
Just wanna love you
So come over here and say you feel it too
Cos if you don’t I don’t know what I’ll do

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All rights reserved.

Thank you for reading! Please leave your opinion of my work below. Thank you.