Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Center PARC's in Woburn!

I was on holiday at Center PARC's in Woburn last week and it was so incredible.

Especially for me.

 Because disability wasn't seen as an inconvenience.

The staff were so good and really helped.

I went with my family (there are a lot of us in my immediate family) and my uncle's family which was amazing.

The fact disability was not an issue was especially made prominent by: going swimming.

Now, at my local swimming I get hoisted into the water. They didn't have a hoist at Woburn. Instead, they had a gradual slope which descended into the water.

Beforehand, in the changing rooms I got out of the borrowed scooter that I was using (which was incredible - to have my own freedom around the park was just awesome!) and transferred iinto one of the wet wheelchair's provided.

Then my brother and I were pushed into the swimming pool! It was really incredible. Understandably, we were warned by the lovely lifeguard's before the wave machine started each time and given time to get out of the pool. It was joked that it looked like something out of James Bond whenever we vacated the pool because the chairs were beneath us in the water! Though my brother and I floated above them when in deep enough water because we were wearing floats.

I cannot praise the thought and effort of the staff at Woburn enough. The design of the place was really good too. There were ramps to everything and everything was accessible. It was so good and we had an adapted villa in the middle of everything!