Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Order Of Videos

I'm sorry to be so mysterious! I'll be doing 'Topical Tuesdays' and 'Thrilling Thursdays' alternately. And because I did a 'topical tuesday' this week, you will get the first episode of 'thrilling thursday' next week! Sorry for any confusion this caused. I like the alliteration of 'thrilling thursday' better than 'tremendous thursday' but what do you think?



Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 31

Ellie woke up. It was a bright Monday morning and she thought she'd drop Jamie a text before work to see if he wanted to catch up tonight. She sent the text and went about having a shower and getting her make up on ready for the day ahead. She was wearing a black button up plain shirt with some corduroy trousers. Last night she had decided to take the plunge and had dyed her hair a shocking red colour and had it cut at the expert hands of Kelly her room-mate. She had decided that as it was a new year she should have a total new look. She hoped Jamie would like it when he saw her, and not think she'd gone crazy. Her hair was much shorter now - like an elfin little bob - it was too short to even touch her neck. It was the first day back in the office for her and she felt the change was quite suited to now. She could always dye it back if Jamie really didn't like it. She caught the lift down in her block of apartments and was at the Kurplzz building in under five minutes. 'Ooh sizzling!' Poppy gasped when she caughtsight of Ellie.
'Wanted a change,' Ellie shrugged with a smile on her face. She went up in the lift to Tall's office. She wanted to get into that side of work anyway, so all the help she gave now would hopefully pay off in the end. Tall came up the lift moments later just as Ellie opened up her emails. 'I like the new hair - retro!' Tall said as she glided into her office.

'Thank you,' Ellie replied rather sheepishly. She didn't know why she was afraid - I guess red was a pretty bold colour and she was just worried of not living up to the colour's standards. Stupid really. It is not the colour of hair that defines you, after all.

She had an email confirming Tall's last minute meeting for today. She knocked on Tall's door and gave her the times. 'Arnold, terrific!' is all Tall said whipping the paper out of Ellie's hand. Ellie went back to her desk. It was odd that Jamie hadn't text her back already - usually he was sharp and very quick to reply but not today.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

How To: Keep Up Your New Year's Resolutions

So you've set your New Year's resolution by now? Maybe you've already decided that you won't keep it/given into the temptation of not doing it. If it was to diet, maybe you've already eaten two big slices of that chocolate cake or you will now I've mentioned it. If you haven't or won't then good for you! You have strong willpower. Power to you.
It's Ok if you let it slip once, but you do need to be strict with yourself if you want results. This is a time when it's not bad for you to look ahead to the future, because while it might give you satisfaction for a milosecond or longer, how will you feel about it in a day or a week's time? Making little changes is more beneficial than making a mega change which you'll only do once in a while. Little changes make more difference than something you do once in a blue moon. Persist with a small thing until it becomes part of your every day routine. Resillence also plays a part here. Resillence is the courage to continue down this path, even with the obstacles that life presents. To keep going no matter what and know that obstacles will come to try slow you down takes a really strong person. I know you have that strength inside.

So, are you going to give up at the first hurdle, or are you going to keep going to see how many hurdles you can overcome?

Hurdles = obstacles or temptations.

Hope tis helps!



Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 30

Jamie woke up in his apartment. Jeff had got back late last night. Jamie looked but Jeff's door was still shut. Sometimes when Jeff brought girls back to the apartment the sound would reverberate through the walls. But he came back last night with Victoria - who seemed lovely and apparently he'd met her quite early on on his business trip and she'd stayed on with him for Christmas and New Year's. The relationship seemed quite serious for Jeff. She had dark nearly black hair and it was super sleek and straight. She had big brown encapsulating eyes. Jamie had only spoken to her briefly before Jeff and Minnie headed for the bedroom - they had had a long drive. Jeff had briefly asked Jamie about his holidays and how he spent them. Jamie just told him that his holidays had been fine. It hadn't been the time to explain about Ellie. He'd save that. Plus he kind of liked having a secret, but knowing Jamie, he's probably drop her name into conversation and have to explain anyway.
When Jamie got to work everything was sombre. He walked into Max's office and saw the sharing manager replacing his desk card with a 'Manager' one. Jamie wondered why. 'Con-' Jamie started to say as Max turned around. In that moment Jamie was stunned to silence. His new boss looked dishevelled and emotional.

'Kate died last night,' Max answered the unanswered question that had been in Jamie's head since he'd got to work that morning.

'I'm so sorry,' was all that Jamie could think to say. Thoughts were buzzing around his head. How? Why? Jamie understood why Max was looking like he was today, as Max and Kate had been a couple for quite a time. Kate might have compromised that when she had come onto Jamie. Who knew? Now Kate's been stolen away from all the world.


Sunday, 18 January 2015

How To Handle Expectation

Expectation is a good thing when it's positive, but only when it is positive. Positive things are usually the outcome of positive expectations. A positive mindset means you have to interrupt the thoughts that drag you down. An example of a negative thought/mindset is: Ahh! See that happened because I'm not good enough. That's the kind of thought you need to interrupt with something like: Ahh! That happened but who knows what will happen next time. It's not good to believe in damaging thoughts like the italiced section.
The bold section is the type of thoughts that are better to believe and will make you stronger. The reasons you tell yourself for why things happen are so important. They make up the thoughts of what we believe of ourselves. So instead of: because I'm not good enough try: because I'm learning.

There are no age limits on learning. Instead of fading into thoughts of: I should have known better please know that making mistakes are a part of life. And when things happen and don't go to plan for whatever reason; you are more than entitled to use positive thoughts rather than negative. They will help you grow much more than beating yourself down will.

Everyone makes mistakes. It's just that the people who don't let it affect them move on from it so fast you won't even see it. Because it was just a chink in their armour. They don't let one mistake or even thousands of them ruin their day. No one is perfect, and don't think you ever have to be. You're you because the world needs you. It may not be clear why yet, but it will surely become apparent in time.



Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Things Are Not Clean Cut Part 29

Ellie wiped her eyes. She had laughed so much that a few tears leaked from her eyes. She put hung up and put her phone on the desk in front of her, contemplating what she'd just heard. It was completely ridiculous. She'd been talking to Chrissie, who had told her that Jamie had longing in his eyes and unless she was completely dumb she would work out the longing was for her. Chrissie knew how Ellie felt and could've guessed even if Ellie hadn't told her apparently. Ellie let her mind linger on the hilarity of that conversation for a moment longer before turning back to the book she was reading. It was an all-action book, which was a welcome change to the book's she normally read. It was a bit of a rip off of the 'Bourne Identity' but it was still thrilling.
Ellie had decided to focus on work, until she hoped the time would come that Jamie would reveal how he felt about her. She was still imagining things in an old-fashioned way, that the man should confess his feelings before she stepped into the spotlight to confess hers. But waiting for him might mean waiting forever. She was Ok seeing what the cards dealt for her, before she worried too much. He'd been brought into her life for a reason, but no way was she going to tell him what she thought that reason was.

Tall marched back into her office after her lunch. Ellie put her book back in her bag to finish reading when she could, but Tall frowned on her reading all the time. Tall was very much on the 'Look up or you'll miss the magic!' brigade. Ellie had pointed out that her reading actually helped Tall out quite a lot, but Tall had responded that she didn't want Ellie cooped up all the time doing her favours, she wanted her to live too. Like go out more often with that boy, Jamie who Tall was convinced had at least a crush on Ellie.

Ellie had considered that she was getting told that from two sources now, but stuck to her own guns, that Jamie would come though and tell her when the timing was right.



Sunday, 11 January 2015

How To Understand That Your Outlook Affects Other People

Your actions affect others. Obvious right? But did you know that your moods affect people in the same way? You can keep it all inside - not speaking negatively or anything - but it is still the source of energy that flows from you. If you always look down on things - expect the worst in anything - it is on that frequency. While it may not be your fault, it may have been from the way you have been brought up. I'm not placing the blame at anyone's feet because at the end of the day, it's your outlook. And you're the only one who can change them/make them positive. It doesn't matter about the reasons you are where you are or in the situation you are in. You have the power to change your mind right now.

Your actions affect others but your moods do too. Having a positive outlook is healthy and will cause people to delight in being around you. If you're outlook is negative though - whatever the situation may be - you'll find that you are draining energy out of those around you. It's not easy to be positive about everything - but you'll find the more positive you are about a situation, it usually turns out to result in a positive outcome.

Looking at it from the other perspective, if someone is trying to make you feel bad or drag you down to their level, the best thing to do is just walk away. If you need an excuse, just say you need to use the bathroom and go and collect your thoughts. Don't let whoever it is win. No matter who it is. No one has control over your bladder, if they start to get pernickity.


XxX Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 28

Jamie woke up in his own apartment. It was strange not to hear Ellie's muffled breathing as he rose. It's strange how familiar it had become. It was odd for him to get up on his own and he couldn't help his thoughts wondering to Ellie's - wondering if she's up yet and how she felt. He got ready for work and went to the office. When there he daydrempt about Ellie being his, and walking in on that beastly scene with his boss that occured a few weeks ago. By her reaction is it far to say she wanted him as much as he wanted her? He wasn't sure. He thought it did - but then he also knew how precious her time was and that spending time with friends was important to her. Then he thought just friends? Surely she wouldn't have taken him to meet her family if he was just a friend. Or would she? She might've wanted to show her sister and mum that she was capable of making friends who would take care of her. And his conversations with Linda had been very telling of this reason. But maybe she was protecting her daughter's intentions. Intentions with him. He hoped. But he couldn't be sure. Until he got a clear sign he wouldn't reveal his feelings. Was he scared of rejection? From the most beautiful woman he'd laid eyes on, yes. The day was slow at work. His daydream was helping him get through what would otherwise be a very tedious day. He hadn't even seen Kate since she made her advances towards him. She'd think twice about crossing him again. Or she'd better do.


Sunday, 4 January 2015

How To Inspire Others

Now I've put lots of thought behind this. And I know it's really cleche and if not, obvious, but you inspire people by just being who you are. You won't be told every day or regularly, but just be you and you will inspire others. You've just got to get on with your life best you can, because you never know who can be inspired by something you do or will be.

That's where my campain 'Smile At Strangers' comes into play again. You never know what could happen. A smile could be all that a stranger needs to pick them out of a hole. You never know. A simple smile may spark a conversion and this stranger could help you. So as well as providing a basis of being happy, a smile at a stranger may help them. And it's lovely to imagine that you're improving lives. And by smiling at others injects them with hope.

There isn't much more to it. And it's funny, because the people that strike you as the strongest are oftentimes the people you inspire the most. Don't ever feel like you're not inspiring someone, because you are.

People always think they have to have an admirable quality in them in the first place, before they become admired. This is a lie. We all go through life at our own pace, something that someone else finds inspirational may not be what you find inspirational. We are all different and there should be no shame in that.

Share who you find inspiring and the reason below! I'd be very interested to know! Thank you