Sunday, 11 January 2015

How To Understand That Your Outlook Affects Other People

Your actions affect others. Obvious right? But did you know that your moods affect people in the same way? You can keep it all inside - not speaking negatively or anything - but it is still the source of energy that flows from you. If you always look down on things - expect the worst in anything - it is on that frequency. While it may not be your fault, it may have been from the way you have been brought up. I'm not placing the blame at anyone's feet because at the end of the day, it's your outlook. And you're the only one who can change them/make them positive. It doesn't matter about the reasons you are where you are or in the situation you are in. You have the power to change your mind right now.

Your actions affect others but your moods do too. Having a positive outlook is healthy and will cause people to delight in being around you. If you're outlook is negative though - whatever the situation may be - you'll find that you are draining energy out of those around you. It's not easy to be positive about everything - but you'll find the more positive you are about a situation, it usually turns out to result in a positive outcome.

Looking at it from the other perspective, if someone is trying to make you feel bad or drag you down to their level, the best thing to do is just walk away. If you need an excuse, just say you need to use the bathroom and go and collect your thoughts. Don't let whoever it is win. No matter who it is. No one has control over your bladder, if they start to get pernickity.


XxX Hope this helps!

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