Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Ok, so I thought I'd do something a bit different today. I hope you like it!

Now, everybody knows my hobby is writing lyrics, and if you didn't where have you been? That's why I was so excited to read today an article called 'Make Your Hobby Possible By Travelling Smart' in Surrey Matters. The main article is about a man called Mark Stay who has written a screenplay called 'Our Robot Overlords' for an up and coming feature film. He explains in the piece how if he didn't travel by train he would never have found the time to write the screenplay.

The article goes on to describe the Travel SMART programme whereby it 'cuts carbon, calories and cost.' I was really pleased when I saw a little by-paragraph about a man called Connor Stephens who writes lyrics on the train and is currently producing his first album, Kickback, for release soon. I find it so inspiring that people can hold down full time work and still find time to do what they love to do. For an hour or so,. they can just focus on the task in hand and worry about work when they get to the  office. They are using their spare time actively, and this is what we should all be doing. If you really love to do something, you will find time to do it. Even if I'm really tired, if  am invested in a chapter of my book, I will keep reading until the resolution of a particular problem because I want someone, someday, to feel that way about a story I've written.

It's good to have a hobby. Something that can distract you when the world seems up in arms. I would like to learn how to sing, as this will help with my lyric writing but I don't have the money at the moment. So maybe that's a pipeline dream, for now, but I'd like to be able to sing my lyrics to people when they ask, as I can't write music I'd like to be able to at least give them a taster.

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

McFLY: A Tenth Anniversary Show (and thanks)

I’ve just experienced an outstanding, spectacular time at McFLY in the Royal Albert Hall no less! It is 7 years to the day when I first saw them live (22nd September 2006). McFLY just take my breath away because they are so professional and really put their all into ever performance they give. They really mean the world to me; they released ‘I’ll Be Ok’ when I was in hospital and the first time I saw the video on E4 was from my hospital bed. They are so amazing. On the two times I met them (three for Danny and Dougie) they have been so gracious and just unbelievable. I tell ya, the first time Tom’s eyes caught mine I honestly thought I must be dreaming. And not because I fancied him or anything, just because I was overwhelmed that someone with such talent was looking at little old me! When Danny looked at me for the first time I felt so lucky to be alive. To be in his presence, never mind the hundreds of girls screaming wishing they were me! I got the same overwhelmed feeling with Harry, after all he’s done, all he’s been through it was just amazing when he first looked at me. Dougie, hmmm, it’s hard to place what he makes me feel. A little embarrassed to be around him, which is not his fault, just because of the cringe-worthy things he says. But they are all genuine and amazing as individuals, extraordinary as a group. The one word I use to describe  the performance would be spectacular and nothing even comes close to beating it. And it’s crazy. Crazy to think that we’ve been on this ride for 10 years and there is no sign of it slowing down. I love McFLY and they even brought Busted back for their 10th Anniversary show! Without Mr Jones I wouldn’t know what I am doing with my life. So, thank you for existing McFLY and thanks to the girlfriend’s/wives/brothers/sisters and parents for making them happy, you have by extension made the world of every fan happy. Thank you for existing McFLY.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Room 101: Saying It's Just One Of Those Days

Maybe I’m the only one this gets to. Let me know. People saying “it’s just one of those days. “ Because it’s not. It might be better tomorrow so don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. You’ll never get this time back. And if you never take a risk, how will you ever know? It’s the decisions we make today that shape out tomorrows. You’ll never have a moment that’s passed in your life again. So just face life with all the optimism you can muster at a particular time because you won’t get it back. At times, of course, it can be just one of those days, of which I have quite a lot, but I just keep believing tomorrow will be a better day and it almost always is!

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Room 101: Judging People

This is one I feel strongly about, and thank Pippa for suggesting it. No one should judge you just based on the way you look. I know it’s a basic instinct that human beings judge people for their outward appearance and it’s going to take a lot to change that. But you should not worry about how people are perceiving you. People are generally so concerned with their own little issues that they don’t even give you a second glance. Of course this isn’t always true, but people are so self-obsessed that to judge someone is wrong. Getting to know someone, irrelevant of the way they look, is the way to go. I have a good friend that I still talk  to occasionally who’s overweight, the type of person I wouldn’t approach if I had a choice, but we started chatting online and realised we had so much in common before I had ever seen her. Now we’re still good friends and everything’s cool. I found a really good friend because I didn’t judge her. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon with everyone else. If you get to know them and they’re a horrible person or stab you in the back then fair enough, at least you gave them a chance. Everyone deserves one. So don’t shunt someone just because they’re wearing an item of clothing that you would never be brave enough to wear out. It comes down to fear. Just because you’d be afraid  to wear wacky clothes or virtually nothing you judge those who do. You resent them for being so outgoing or fun. Now I know it’s human nature to judge people and we all do it. But what I would like to see happen is human beings breaking the habit every once in a while. Not all the time because (granted) it is hard to fight your initial instinct and I know it’s very easy for me to say because most of you have never seen me put this into practise. But I am telling you, half the people who I now consider my best friends wouldn’t be if I had judged them. I just do things that make me happy, wear what I like and don’t worry what people think of me. It does take a certain mentality, but if you are strong enough: give it a go. If you never give it a go, you’ll never know. So I am therefore putting judging people in Room 101.

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Something I have to say...

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But I have to has not been the best day for me but just because of that; it doesn't give me the right to take it out on anyone else. I've had a good, long think about how my actions affect others, and though it may not seem like much at the time it all adds up. Your actions might not take hold of a situation right away but they will take their toll. There's a lot that goes on in this life that is out of our control, so when it is just try your best. Keep your temper, or just don't say anything in certain situations because as long as you can be in control you can make it easier on those around you.