Sunday, 22 September 2013

McFLY: A Tenth Anniversary Show (and thanks)

I’ve just experienced an outstanding, spectacular time at McFLY in the Royal Albert Hall no less! It is 7 years to the day when I first saw them live (22nd September 2006). McFLY just take my breath away because they are so professional and really put their all into ever performance they give. They really mean the world to me; they released ‘I’ll Be Ok’ when I was in hospital and the first time I saw the video on E4 was from my hospital bed. They are so amazing. On the two times I met them (three for Danny and Dougie) they have been so gracious and just unbelievable. I tell ya, the first time Tom’s eyes caught mine I honestly thought I must be dreaming. And not because I fancied him or anything, just because I was overwhelmed that someone with such talent was looking at little old me! When Danny looked at me for the first time I felt so lucky to be alive. To be in his presence, never mind the hundreds of girls screaming wishing they were me! I got the same overwhelmed feeling with Harry, after all he’s done, all he’s been through it was just amazing when he first looked at me. Dougie, hmmm, it’s hard to place what he makes me feel. A little embarrassed to be around him, which is not his fault, just because of the cringe-worthy things he says. But they are all genuine and amazing as individuals, extraordinary as a group. The one word I use to describe  the performance would be spectacular and nothing even comes close to beating it. And it’s crazy. Crazy to think that we’ve been on this ride for 10 years and there is no sign of it slowing down. I love McFLY and they even brought Busted back for their 10th Anniversary show! Without Mr Jones I wouldn’t know what I am doing with my life. So, thank you for existing McFLY and thanks to the girlfriend’s/wives/brothers/sisters and parents for making them happy, you have by extension made the world of every fan happy. Thank you for existing McFLY.


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