Sunday, 29 July 2012

'Brave Face'

Sorry for the delay in my posting - I have been on holiday!
Posts should come once every week on Wednesdays until further notice. I know today is not a Wednesday but I am making up for lost time!
This song was actually written after I listened to something on a radio. My best friend was listening too and it meant to the end to one of my dreams and she told me to stop wearing a brave face, and cry if I want to cos obviouysly it was a big thing! So I hope you like it and can relate to it. If you'd like to have a go at putting some music to these lyrics, as always you have free reign to, just comment the post to let me know! Thank you!


You don’t need to wear a brave face
No no
Brave face
No no

You keep everything hidden
Inside that beautiful smile          
Beneath the surface you’re being bitten
By these tears that just have to come out
And you don’t want no one to see you cry
But you’ve gotta let it out sometimes

There’s no need to wear a mask
No way to make it past
While you’ve still got your brave face on
It’s a lie you said so yourself
So please stop pretending to me and everyone else
Take off your brave face
No no
No no
Brave face
No no
No no

Baby look at me
Do you truly believe?
That I would walk out if you broke down
Cos I won’t I’m here to stay
And you don’t want to feel your pain
Cos they deserve much better than the rain
(Repeat Chorus)
Take off
The part of you you think you’re made of
Cos you are so beautiful beneath the mask
Oh yeah you don’t have to suffer in silence
Just say the word and I will come running
No matter what I will never leave
So please baby believe
That you don’t have to wear a brave face
It hurts me so bad that you’re going through this pain
Yet you don’t for one minute let the disguise slip
You think you’re so alone but you’re not
(Repeat Chorus).

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.



Wednesday, 18 July 2012

'Sugar-Coated Goodbye'

If the title isn't self-explainatory to you: 'sugar-coated' means someone who'll dress up something so that it doesn't look like what it is.

I was told this had a 'Didn't I?' by Cheryl Cole feel to it.

As with all my songs, anyone who wants to put music to this, comment on this post and feel free to have free reign over it.

It is called:

You said why try again
We both know how it’s gonna end
End in tears on both sides
But baby you know I never wanna say goodbye
You said it’s a bit late
And our current state is at checkmate
Checkmate I’m gonna wipe out your king
But baby until the day I die I’ll still believe

That you are the reason I live
You’re the person I was destined to be with
You took all that I had to give
But there is no other person I would forgive
But  please now don’t make me cry
Don’t give me a sugar-coated goodbye

If you’re adamant to take your leave
Then there’s nothing I can say to stop you taking it
You will leave my heart empty
And you know you will be breaking it
Every inch further away you get
Not one moment of our love did I regret
Maybe one day you’ll think of me
And how great this could have been I still believe
(Repeat Chorus)
I strongly believe
You were the one made for me
And we will always be destined
No matter what you say
I know this is true
For me there is no one but you
Oh I believe
(Repeat Chorus)

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All rights reserved.

I hope you liked it. As always, comments are welcome!



Tuesday, 17 July 2012

'What Makes A Strong Person'

This is a song I wrote a few years ago. It got 'commended entry' in the songwriting contest in the lyrics category in 2011. I hope you like it.

What makes a strong person

There’s a lot to learn in this life
you’ve gotta fight to stay alive
If you’re ever in doubt
And you can’t find a way out
Having the courage to say
I’ll be ok is the first stage

What makes a strong person
Is not what they’re capable of
It’s having belief in yourself
and having faith in love
What makes a strong person
Is not determined by what you’re going through
It’s having belief in yourself
I know a strong person lies inside of you

There’s a lot of people in this world
Who will trample on you if you’re not careful girl
If you ever fall down
And you look up but no one’s around
You can pick up the pieces and the courage to say
I’m not letting this blow my chances away
(Repeat Chorus)
Hmm yes you need courage
To say these things
But it’s not hard to get
Just believe in yourself
And you can do anything
Change the world in a minute
Just put your heart and soul in it
(Repeat Chorus)

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All rights reserved.

 Comments welcome! Thank you for reading.



Monday, 16 July 2012

'Behind The Scenes'

I wrote this a few years ago. It's about loving the person for who they are underneath. I hope you like it.


There’s an image and it’s fading out
There’s a person and she’s melting into the background
There’s a sense of hope in the air
Maybe it’s crazy but it’s because you’re there
And oh don’t make her dreams end
No you can play the role of her hero

Behind the scenes
I see what you want no one to see
When the curtains close
You stand with a million roses
Behind the scenes
I see you so incomplete
When the curtain closes at your feet
I feel your heart beat
Inside of mine
Ooh inside of mine

There’s a girl waiting on the sidelines
Wondering if you will ever see her the way she wishes to be seen
But you don’t not at the moment no no no
She’s just the girl hanging around at the end of the show
And ooh you could crumble her dreams swo easily
No you can break her into tiny pieces
(Repeat Chorus)
Oh baby
No when you gonna see?
Behind the scenes
Yes that girl is me
I see all of you and I know it’s what I need
You’re standing there so incomplete
Let’s see if we can change that baby
I don’t know but it’s worth a shot
Baby I don’t care if we make it or not
I just wanna be with you close to you
I just need you to tell me you want it too.

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

I hope you liked it. Comments are welcome, as always!



Saturday, 14 July 2012

'The Box'

Everyone has a secret that they've never shared...this is my attempt to say that you never know what'll happen unless you share it...And I thought of giving it character like a memory in the back of a mind could be filled with shadows but it could be just the spark someone else needed. I'm just saying don't be afraid to undress those shadows in your may be surprised by what you uncover...


There’s a box in the hall
That you have never unpacked
You don’t know what could be in there at all
It’s time to see that you lack
You just walk past it
Hardly notice its there anymore
Just an old box sitting on the floor

There could be dragons and kings
But you’re far too busy
To even turn an eye
You just walk on by
There could be paupers or princes
You could find rags or riches
But you’ll never know
If you don’t sl-ow down

There’s a photograph in the box
Of one you dearly loved
Will it ever see the light of day?
Sometimes it’s good to sit and reminisce
About the past and people you miss
You think it’s the past it’s gone time to move on
But it’s the past that makes us strong
(Repeat Chorus)
Oh oh
Don’t let memories slip away
Cos you’ll find you’ll miss ‘em some day
Ooh let memories live on
And then when we are gone
They’ll be someone to remember oh oh.

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All rights reserved.

I hope you liked it. Comments are always welcome. Thank you for reading. xx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Explanations (& 'We'll Be Together'

I have been told I need to find a composer with a studio...which is apparently the easy part! But I've found it difficult to find someone without first showing them my lyrics. As it goes, you have to do this part anyway, so that is why I thought I'd set up this blogger because this surely reaches a wide variety of people, perhaps some that could help me on my mission. So if you think there's any way you could possibly help me please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

My hero is Danny Jones (as some of you well know) but he has grown into that position, when i was eleven i didn't just turn around and place the name at his head. He has helped me in ways I can't even understand, he has helped me understand who I am. And I'm a great fan of his music.  There's nothing I wouldn't give to someday work with him. But it's Ok for now, I'm happy being without his presence because he has taught me that to be a great fan is to keep some distance. Sure admire him, and maybe even pine for him but do it in your home. Maybe someday my dream of working with him will come true, but he has taught me to show him distance and I respect him for that. I don't know, but he probably respects people who give him distance as well, more than the fans who sleep outside his house.

So here is a lyric I wrote about Danny.

It is called 'We'll Always Be Together' I hope you enjoy:

When I’m about to give up
I have nothing else to aim for
I hold on to the chance of love
I smile cos I know you’re in the world
Somewhere running with my care

When I’m down
I can feel you around
You’re not there physically baby
But I feel how much you care for me
I know it’s silly every hour looking out the window
But you could be there who knows?

This life is crazy
And I know it’ll take some risks baby
To get to you
But I’ll see it through
This life is scary
And I know I can be a little larey
But it’s Ok cos you know that in the end
We’re gonna be together my friend

When I feel low
You don’t have to be around so I know
Just a smile can turn the world on its head
And make everything all right again
I know I’ve got thank you for that
And helping me regain the hope I lack
(Repeat Chorus)
I just don’t know how I would get by
If you weren’t in my life
It’s not a physical hand
You reach out to me when nobody can
I’m not gonna try find words to convey what I mean
Cos baby I never could explain how I feel
Thank you for keeping me alive
(Repeat Chorus).

© 2012 S. Carfrae

Of all the lyrics I write, these ones to Danny are the hardest. Because every song has a subtly different meaning. No one lyric ever explains how he's helped me or what he's helped me with, because I don't honestly know! Comments are always welcomed.Thank you.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

'Damn You'

I realise now that I should put up a little intro before the lyrics so that you can decide whether it's worth a read!
   This one is called 'Damn You' and it's about those people who you find always smile, even when everything's the matter. I like to think of myself as a kind of Taylor Swift of lyrics - of course she is amazing and my talents are incomparable - but I like to think I cover a wide genre of categories and that they will hopefully suit your tastes!

I will give you a little history as to how I started writing lyrics in the first place: I was eleven when I started because of Danny Jones from McFLY! He inspired me to write a lyric called 'The Frozen World' and I never looked back! I am eternally grateful. We'll see how many comments I get on this and previous posts and I might even let you see the first lyric I ever wrote. It is crap, by standards of what I write nowadays. I have written over 1, 500 lyrics, it is my favourite past time! So, I think that's enough for now! I hope you enjoy 'Damn You':

Damn you and your confidence
Damn you and your patience
Damn you and your so-called innocence
Damn you dancing in your hot pants
Cos you don’t have a worry in the world
Oh we all wish we could be that girl
Damn you and your lifestyle
Damn you and your smile

You try to hide behind your smile
Like it hasn’t been tough walking every mile
But then you stop and look at me
Say it’s not easy but I’m used to channelling
The pain and hurt away so that I can happy
I never wanna be sad cos I want people to be glad
When they get a dose of my presence
Want smiles on their faces and they hate to disappoint
(Repeat Chorus)
When the weather’s rough
And life is tough
You must feel low
Then you say no I don’t
See cos if I can raise a smile
It’s worth it every single mile
Just to get here
Don’t be silly: no more tears
(Repeat Chorus)
I know life is hard for everyone
You’ve just gotta channel all the bad energy
Into a positive one and you’ll see the sun
It shines every day even behind the clouds
To remind us to never give up and not look down
Turn your smiles into a positive force
(Repeat Chorus)

© 2012 S. Carfrae

Comments are always welcomed. Thank you for viewing!



'Someone's Shadow'

I am no longer someone’s shadow
I’ve got people to see places to go
I’ve stepped out of your shadow
Cos now is my time you know
I’m gonna make history
I don’t know how but I will just wait and see
I am no longer someone’s shadow
String me along for the ride cos I won’t
Say anything to contradict
But now I am saying this
I am not under anyone’s control
I live for me that is my role

In this life heard so many times
That it’s so-o tough
And it is I’m not gonna lie
Or say I’ve had a peachy time
Yes it’s hard
And living in the shadows you’re just a part
Of the track that runs for miles
I just buckled up and smile
(Repeat Chorus)
In this life it isn’t easy
If you hide behind someone else
I made the decision I wanna be me
And though I know life won’t fit perfectly
I’m proud to be who I am
Making all the wrong plans
My mistakes are mine to keep
I wouldn’t wanna be anyone but me
(Repeat Chorus)
In this life I’m stepping into the light
Cos it’s my time to shine
Don’t need you to hide behind
I’m ok on my own
Cos I know I’m not alone
Hey I’m not your shadow anymore
I am free of that for sure
Cos I decided
No matter what the result of the fight is
I’m living for me.

© 2012 S. Carfrae

 Contact me if you are interested in putting music to this. Please leave some feedback for me,  I will try to work on whatever needs it. Thank you.




Hi. I am Steph Carfrae.
 I write lyrics but not the music which makes it tough to get your message out to the world! So I thought I'd start a blog to let you see what kind of things I write. The idea has been in my head for a long time and the concept "Just do it!" really helped me to see that if I want anything in this world, it would be your feedback on my work. So I hope you will look at my work and give it the feedback I can work on for the future.

Thank you for reading this much!