Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 53

From Ellie's pov

I recognise him. I am being shown photos of when he came for christmas - none of which I remember. But I do recognise those sweet diamond blue eyes. He was here earlier and has just stepped out to go and get a sandwich. He said he'll bring one back for my mum when he returns. I have no doubt he will. That's because he left his sachel here. Who knows what he has in there?

Jamie's pov

I think we're making progress! It will be slow but I'm fine to wait. She's worth waiting for. Linda told me the recognition of who I am is coming slowly but all that matters is that is coming. She thanked me for staying. 'Where would I go?' I replied. I am here for her because I know how good we had it. And when she recovers I will not miss my chance. Next time it really might be too late.



Sunday, 27 September 2015

''Every Word'

I’m here and you’re over there
Would it be all right to tell you I care?
I don’t know if you care for me
Let’s get this off my chest and wait and see
You’re pulling me to the ground with every smile
You don’t notice a thing all the while
I’ve gotta say something before this gets out of hand
Before I fall into you without a plan

I’ve got a strong heart
It’d take days to invade
But you play your part
Capture it and take it away
With every word you say

I’m getting closer to you now
And I’m petrified don’t know what to say now
Cos I’m falling deeper by the second
But your audience awaits you can’t disappoint them
You’re electric lighting up this place
You operate like this is your stage
I guess I’m the fool who’s fallen for the showman
Before the drinks are sold tell me your plans
(Repeat Chorus)
Say, say . . .
I thought I was so strong
That I could carry on
Without love playing it’s part
On my heart
But oh I was wrong
I’m not that strong
I thought it’d take days to invade
But looking at you with that smile on your face
I just fall
It doesn’t make sense at all
With every word you say
I’m blown away.

Copyright © 2015 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

*I haven't done this for a while! I hope you like it and as ever you are very welcome to try putting music to it. If you do; I only ask you send your recording to me. Thanks. Now I'm doing this again, it means I have to carve some time out of my now very busy schedule to do something which I enjoy so that is awesome so thanks for that! 



Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Being In Newspapers

I haven't done a 'proper blog' in soooo long! Sorry about that!

The world went a bit crazy when it heard about me walking at my sister's wedding! It was just a small story but then 'The Mirror' picked it up and the rest is madness!

We only put my walking on youtube to show my physios who helped me!

When I say world I mean Australia, Nigeria and Portugal to mention just a few.

It's just been crazy - that's the word that best describes how it has been doing phone interviews and whatnot.

I am so busy these days it's quite ridiculous!

I am in demand!

I had an chat with the main man at Direction Radio in Surrey on Monday where I intend to be their first chat show host!

I am very excited by this prospect! Don't worry, I will tell everyone when it airs so you can tune in!

Rushed off my feet (not that I walk - so rushed off my wheels!)

I will be returning to posting my lyrics on Sunday so I hope you will enjoy them!



Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 52

From Ellie's pov

According to Lance, Jamie didn't know him before I mentioned him. It came out in the big heart to heart before my memory reawakened. It isn't all there but hopefully people with me can help me fill in the blanks as we go along.
Jamie came into my room in the morning. 'Why did you lie to me?' I said as casually as my temper would let me. 'What do you mean?' he said softly.
'You didn't know Lance,' I said simply.
He hesitated. 'I did that so I could see you everyday. If I was totally unrelated to your relationship you wouldn't have let me in. And we are. Now.'

From Jamie's pov

Lance has become a great ally. A great friend. He'll bring the whole family next time and I'll put them up. 'You lied to me. My memory is still in dis-repair and now I don't know if I can trust you, so please get out.'

Ellie's response haunted me for the rest of the day.

I did as she wanted. Guess I had that one coming. I wasn't sure of what I'd do when she found out. Obviously I am thrilled that she has. But it's a bit ironic really. If her memory hadn't have recovered, we'd be stuck in square one. Now we're in square two moving rapidly towards three. I'd have to regain her trust anyway, so this little blunder means it might take longer, but it's so good for her to have her memory back. And that's what matters.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 51

From Jamie's pov

It was Lance's last day in London. He knew the route to hospital so was going to do touristy stuff and join us later. I met Linda in the hall just outside her room before we entered. She showed me a picture card she had made, a picture of the chequered kitchen floor - the only thing in the house that hadn't changed since she was sixteen apparently - it was worth a shot, I agreed.

From Ellie's pov

I noticed things. There are more wrinkles under Lance's eyes which doesn't fit with the picturesque him I remember. There's no doubt that time has passed. Lance and I have had a heart to heart where he told me everything, including about his wife across the pond, it was hard for me to hear but I had to. The doctors say that I'm coming on leaps and bounds so he wasn't out of line telling me what he did. Mum has entered my room! I feel safe. Behind her the strange boy who admitted his feelings for me, which is silly, came in too. My mum coughed and looked at the strange boy; he smiled and gave her the thumbs up and she stepped closer to my bed. She then lifted a card to her chest and turned it around. It was our kitchen floor at home. I had a sudden flashback. Of that strange boy in that kitchen. Well, my kitchen. Why the hell has he been in my kitchen?