Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 50

From Jamie's pov:

Lance was taller than Jamie. Jamie knew from pictures Ellie had drawn, she was talented. He had chocolate brown eyes which Jamie could see was easy to melt into. It was a great past time that Ellie found. She has a vivid memory of Lance; her mum brought her watercolours, pastels and art pencils from home when she realised that Ellie was drawing again. She had been talented at school, so she supposed it made sense in Ellie's 16 year old mind that she was still talented. And she was. The first indiction that she was still a good artist had been recieved when she'd drawn a portrait of Lance on an knapkin after eating dinner one night.

To be fair, it hadn't actually been that long since she had been 16. She still had her artistic flare. A lot had happened and a lot had changed but Linda guessed that Ellie had the gift of being an artist intrinsically. It was just part of her. But then Ellie could turn her hand to anything, and do a good job. But nothing gave her the enjoyment of drawing or painting. She was so into it - painting or shading the perfect picture of her lover - or so she thought - that she didn't notice when I kept sneaking outside to make a call to America. I had said I was Lance's best friend and I lived really close to the hospital so it made sense. Managed to convbince her of that, even though she hadn't seen Lance.

Lance was married now and had a daughter called Pippa. When Jamie explained about Ellie's condition - Lance really sat up to listen. He was a personal trainer to the rich and famous in Hollywood. His wife, Mandy was horrified to hear of the unfortunate state that Ellie was in. She kept telling her husband that he should talk to Ellie. Jamie prompted Lance to cross over the pond and see Ellie in person. Mandy agreed that he should and so the date was set for Lance's visit. Jamie went to the airport to pick Lance up.

His eyes really were as captivating as Ellie had drawn them. He had sculpted cheekbones and Jamie could see why his female clientelle hired him and why he was never out of a job. He had that cheeky chappy American drawl that so many women crave. He was so good looking which made Jamie doubt himself. If Ellie had had a rerlationship - and a good one by the sounds of it - with this guy Jamie stood no chance. It wasn't only that he was a beautiful man - but the fact that he'd flown across the world to help someonw out when they needed him.

Jamie had taken him back to his to get settled as Jamie was putting him up for two weeks while he saw Ellie and took in the tourist sights of London. Lance and Mandy had decided that Mandy shouldn't come because in Mandy's words: 'That'd only confuse the poor dear.' Given that Mandy had never met and so was inconsequencal to Ellie, Jamie agreed with their thoughtful decision.

The next day, Lance and Jamie went up to the hospital together. Instantly, Lance was on the backfoot when they got to Ellie's room. Jamie could tell Lance didn't want to go in alone, despite all the encouragement Jamie had been giving him. So Jamie went into the room with him. Linda was not there yet. Jamie high-fived himself. Linda didn't even know that Jamie had been speaking with Lance so this show-up would surprise her.

Ellie was lying face-up, cradling her pencils protectively. She'd obviously gone to sleep in the middle of drawing yet another picture of Lance in a heroic pose. The lines were so delicately drawn that Jamie almost felt the love embedded within them. 'Whoa...' Lance whispered fingering through all of the sketches of him that littered the windowsill.

The moment after he spoke Ellie's eyelids fluttered. 'Lance?' she whispered.

'Who else?' he answered cheekily with American charm.

'Wow. You're not usually here when I wake up,' Ellie said.

Lance looked at Jamie with knowing eyes. 'I know. I've been crazy busy! But I'm here now!'

Ellie poured herself some water and drank it with one gulp. 'Wow! I can't believe this!' Ellie announced. 'Do you like all the pictures?' she asked hopefully.

'Yes I love them. You've chosen my best side!'

'There isn't a bad side to you,' Ellie giggled.

Lance laughed. 'Thank you Ellie.'

'What happened to El?' Ellie asked confused. He always called her El when they were sixteen.

'A lot has changed in the last seven years,' Lance said awkwardly, looking at Jamie and Ellie in turn. 'Look closer at me,' Lance suggested. Ellie leaned closer to him. He looked older, more tired. 'You look different,' Ellie gasped. The changes didn't take away from the fact that he was still a very handsome man. 'But our prom is -'

'Was, sweet girl,' Lance interrupted.

'But how can so much time have gone?' she asked pleadingly looking around the room.

'You've lost your memory El,' Lance told her.



Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 49

Jamie and Jeff opened the door of their flat. They had been out to dinner together in an attempt to cheer Jamie up. It had worked to an extent but Jamie had still mentioned her name forlornly. At the time the disappointment was etched on Jeff's face. But he didn't bring up the issue in public, which Jamie was thankful for. Maybe Jeff was learning! As soon as the door closed it was interrogation time though.
'So you didn't fight for her?' Jeff sighed.

'She's lost her memory mate,' Jamie said solemnly.

'But she might remember you if you're there?' Jeff said dumbfoundedly.

'It's all mights, ifs, I'm sick of it,' Jamie admitted disjointedly.

'If you're not there when she does remember you, you'll only feel worse,' Jeff pointed out sensibly.

'Wish I was confident about her getting her memory back,' Jamie said.

'Well, at the moment we don't know the severity of her condition, and it's better to talk positively about her recovery while we're still unsure,' Jeff reasoned. Jamie guessed that was true. 'Anyway, why did you never tell her before?' Jeff asked.

'I was scared. I really could have used you here for moral support,' Jamie told Jeff.

'I'm sorry my life doesn't run according to Jamie's love life,' Jeff said sincerely. 'Would there have been something I could've said that you couldn't have counter-acted?' Jeff asked seriously. 'If you really wanted her, you would have told her,' Jeff told Jamie before Jamie could get a word in.

'Well, now it's too late,' Jamie told him disheartedly.

'No mate, it'd be easy to give up but that's why you have to keep going. Keep going to that hospital because maybe not today, not tomorrow but someday she will remember something. And if it is your face, don't you want to be there?'