Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 49

Jamie and Jeff opened the door of their flat. They had been out to dinner together in an attempt to cheer Jamie up. It had worked to an extent but Jamie had still mentioned her name forlornly. At the time the disappointment was etched on Jeff's face. But he didn't bring up the issue in public, which Jamie was thankful for. Maybe Jeff was learning! As soon as the door closed it was interrogation time though.
'So you didn't fight for her?' Jeff sighed.

'She's lost her memory mate,' Jamie said solemnly.

'But she might remember you if you're there?' Jeff said dumbfoundedly.

'It's all mights, ifs, I'm sick of it,' Jamie admitted disjointedly.

'If you're not there when she does remember you, you'll only feel worse,' Jeff pointed out sensibly.

'Wish I was confident about her getting her memory back,' Jamie said.

'Well, at the moment we don't know the severity of her condition, and it's better to talk positively about her recovery while we're still unsure,' Jeff reasoned. Jamie guessed that was true. 'Anyway, why did you never tell her before?' Jeff asked.

'I was scared. I really could have used you here for moral support,' Jamie told Jeff.

'I'm sorry my life doesn't run according to Jamie's love life,' Jeff said sincerely. 'Would there have been something I could've said that you couldn't have counter-acted?' Jeff asked seriously. 'If you really wanted her, you would have told her,' Jeff told Jamie before Jamie could get a word in.

'Well, now it's too late,' Jamie told him disheartedly.

'No mate, it'd be easy to give up but that's why you have to keep going. Keep going to that hospital because maybe not today, not tomorrow but someday she will remember something. And if it is your face, don't you want to be there?'

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