Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 48

Jamie's pov.

How can she not remember me? We've had some pretty memorable times together, or maybe that's just me.

That was my initial reaction.

After talking to Jeff after I got home that first night - bearing in mind I'd just confessed my feelings for her - to have them thrown back in my face I realised that she can't help it. She doesn't know who I am. Again. It's just starting the story anew. She doesn't know who I am. Yet. I'm still going to see her as much as possible as I have done in the past. I guess I'm hoping that by seeing her regularly, hopefully she'll begin to remember. I know it takes a long time but she's worth it. I try to keep an optimistic view. That's the only way to get through this.

I know she's going through a rough time, Linda called while I was at work. Apparently she thinks she's sixteen and with an ex-boyfriend called Lance. Apparently he used to buy her daffodils so when she saw the daffodils in her room she jumped to conclusions. I don't want to lie to her but Linda said it's probably best if I pretend to be a friend of Lance's. 'But how does that explain why he's not there?' I asked.

'You can tell her he's on an urgent call or something?' Linda said down the phone timidly.

'I'm not going to lie to her,' I said fiercely.

'So what are you going to do?' she asked.

'I don't know, I don't know,' I repeated again and again until I was hearing it in my dreams that night. I've seen 50 first dates (with an ex - not my choice) and while that's a movie and very different circumstances that's given me some good ideas.



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