Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Proper Blog!!

I thought I'd do this as a proper blog today....well morning lol. I read '30 Days Until The World Ends' by A Swedish Fruit Salad, which if you haven't read I highly recommend ( which inspired me to write this. I say we should have a day every year or every month when we do something we've always wanted to try and then if you like it you can do it again at some point, and if you don't, at least you've tried it. Then there would be nothing too regret before you die, like some people say 'I wish I'd done that' Well, unless your old, have a mental or physical handicap there's nothing stopping you. So , stop talking about it, and do it!! I know a lot about money constraints, as I'm a student, but life is too short to worry about such things. A discussion I was having the other day was that life is too short not to take chances, so in some circumstances I say just get lost in the moment and see where it leads you. If it leads you off track of where you thought you were going to, maybe you were never meant to go on the path. Life is not easy and sometimes we need to take the  long way round over mountains or the like, instead of the easy shortcut.

That's enough of my leaking thoughts for one night, I will make it different each week with regards to what I post, so stay share and stay ever curious.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

'Destroyed My Sun'

I wrote this after getting over someone, which meant it took me a long time before I even attempted to write it. It was two years in the coming. But finally I did get over this person, and this was the result. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think. Comments welcome. Thank you. It's called:



There’s no more you

Cried so hard when you said we’re through

But no more will my tears be wasted

On someone who’s not worth turning the page with

See it took me a while

But when I think of you I can smile

Cos I got to have you in my life



You expect me to cry

My way through the nights

But I’ve spent many nights alone

I know just how to remain strong

Cos I know tomorrow will come

You have not destroyed my sun



So you’ve made your decision moved outta my place

You’re still looking for signs of hurt in my face

You want me to want you to call every time I’m alone

And I’m so depressed and on my own

But I’ve got more self-esteem than that

To every second I’m lonely want you back

See it took me some time

But when you ask now I’ll say I’m just fine

(Repeat Chorus)


You thought you’d stolen the earth from underneath my feet

I do admit when you left me we were right at the peak

And yes I fell from that great height

But I landed on my feet just fine

You thought you stole away what really mattered

But many nights I have listened to the rain patter

And yes maybe I am alone

But I know I am not on my own

(Repeat Chorus).


Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

'Say Something'

I'm really happy tonight. And I'm extra happy cos I remembered to put this up! This lyric was based on a story I wrote. Hope you like it! Thanks for reading and thanks if you check out my other stuff too!

It's called:



It’s been a long narrow road

To get to where we are now you know

And I know it’s not easy to say goodbye

To someone you thought you’d love all your life

It’s been a long time

And baby I know but I can’t live a lie

It’s time for us to move on

Stop living in the past those days are gone

And underneath I fear for you

Will you be ok? Oh Baby

Will you pull through?



Say something

Don’t just leave me here

With nothing

Say something

Don’t make me cry my lonesome tears

My darling

Please say something



It’s been a while

Since on your face I’ve seen that smile

I think we both know underneath

It’s time for us to let go and leave

It’s been a wild ride

And we have had some good times

I’ll remember them always

But I’ll say goodbye for our sake

Underneath I know it’s the right thing to do

And I’m sorry baby

Will you pull through?

(Repeat Chorus)


I hope we remain

Good friends

Through all the rain

Til the end

And I hope you will forgive me

For saying goodbye ooh baby

(Repeat Chorus).


Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

'Can't Let Go'

Sorry for such a ridiculous hold-up! But it's here now! I hope the wait has been worthwhile! I'll let you be the judge.

Now, I wrote this after a holiday about a guy I'd met there. For a couple of summers, we met up and I  rewrote this lyric after those summers. I hope you like it.

It's called: CAN’T LET GO



Did you see me as I crept?

Outta my dreams into yours

And as you slept

I felt myself falling, falling for you

It was in a glance

From that moment on I knew you’d be my summer romance

And I kept an eye on you

Cos baby you know that you’re so cute



I can’t let go

I’ve come too far

I’ve committed my heart

I can’t let go

I’ve been here too long

I just can’t move on



Did you see me as I went?

Outta that door into the night

You know when I left

I wished you were by my side

It was from a look

You must have known you had me hooked

And I must have walked into a dream

Cos baby this is such a beautiful scene

(Repeat Chorus)


Cos I no I can’t let go

Let go of you

It’s a thing I’d never do

I’ve come in way too far

More than ankle deep – baby

I’ve a very strong committed heart

That’s what I can blame when it all falls apart

I can’t let go

Let go of you

You know it’s a thing I’d never do

I’ve been here too long now

I just can’t move on.

Copyright © 2011 Stephanie Carfrae.

Thank you for reading.