Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Proper Blog!!

I thought I'd do this as a proper blog today....well morning lol. I read '30 Days Until The World Ends' by A Swedish Fruit Salad, which if you haven't read I highly recommend ( which inspired me to write this. I say we should have a day every year or every month when we do something we've always wanted to try and then if you like it you can do it again at some point, and if you don't, at least you've tried it. Then there would be nothing too regret before you die, like some people say 'I wish I'd done that' Well, unless your old, have a mental or physical handicap there's nothing stopping you. So , stop talking about it, and do it!! I know a lot about money constraints, as I'm a student, but life is too short to worry about such things. A discussion I was having the other day was that life is too short not to take chances, so in some circumstances I say just get lost in the moment and see where it leads you. If it leads you off track of where you thought you were going to, maybe you were never meant to go on the path. Life is not easy and sometimes we need to take the  long way round over mountains or the like, instead of the easy shortcut.

That's enough of my leaking thoughts for one night, I will make it different each week with regards to what I post, so stay share and stay ever curious.

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