Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 53

From Ellie's pov

I recognise him. I am being shown photos of when he came for christmas - none of which I remember. But I do recognise those sweet diamond blue eyes. He was here earlier and has just stepped out to go and get a sandwich. He said he'll bring one back for my mum when he returns. I have no doubt he will. That's because he left his sachel here. Who knows what he has in there?

Jamie's pov

I think we're making progress! It will be slow but I'm fine to wait. She's worth waiting for. Linda told me the recognition of who I am is coming slowly but all that matters is that is coming. She thanked me for staying. 'Where would I go?' I replied. I am here for her because I know how good we had it. And when she recovers I will not miss my chance. Next time it really might be too late.



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