Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 51

From Jamie's pov

It was Lance's last day in London. He knew the route to hospital so was going to do touristy stuff and join us later. I met Linda in the hall just outside her room before we entered. She showed me a picture card she had made, a picture of the chequered kitchen floor - the only thing in the house that hadn't changed since she was sixteen apparently - it was worth a shot, I agreed.

From Ellie's pov

I noticed things. There are more wrinkles under Lance's eyes which doesn't fit with the picturesque him I remember. There's no doubt that time has passed. Lance and I have had a heart to heart where he told me everything, including about his wife across the pond, it was hard for me to hear but I had to. The doctors say that I'm coming on leaps and bounds so he wasn't out of line telling me what he did. Mum has entered my room! I feel safe. Behind her the strange boy who admitted his feelings for me, which is silly, came in too. My mum coughed and looked at the strange boy; he smiled and gave her the thumbs up and she stepped closer to my bed. She then lifted a card to her chest and turned it around. It was our kitchen floor at home. I had a sudden flashback. Of that strange boy in that kitchen. Well, my kitchen. Why the hell has he been in my kitchen?



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