Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Things Are Not Clean Cut Part 29

Ellie wiped her eyes. She had laughed so much that a few tears leaked from her eyes. She put hung up and put her phone on the desk in front of her, contemplating what she'd just heard. It was completely ridiculous. She'd been talking to Chrissie, who had told her that Jamie had longing in his eyes and unless she was completely dumb she would work out the longing was for her. Chrissie knew how Ellie felt and could've guessed even if Ellie hadn't told her apparently. Ellie let her mind linger on the hilarity of that conversation for a moment longer before turning back to the book she was reading. It was an all-action book, which was a welcome change to the book's she normally read. It was a bit of a rip off of the 'Bourne Identity' but it was still thrilling.
Ellie had decided to focus on work, until she hoped the time would come that Jamie would reveal how he felt about her. She was still imagining things in an old-fashioned way, that the man should confess his feelings before she stepped into the spotlight to confess hers. But waiting for him might mean waiting forever. She was Ok seeing what the cards dealt for her, before she worried too much. He'd been brought into her life for a reason, but no way was she going to tell him what she thought that reason was.

Tall marched back into her office after her lunch. Ellie put her book back in her bag to finish reading when she could, but Tall frowned on her reading all the time. Tall was very much on the 'Look up or you'll miss the magic!' brigade. Ellie had pointed out that her reading actually helped Tall out quite a lot, but Tall had responded that she didn't want Ellie cooped up all the time doing her favours, she wanted her to live too. Like go out more often with that boy, Jamie who Tall was convinced had at least a crush on Ellie.

Ellie had considered that she was getting told that from two sources now, but stuck to her own guns, that Jamie would come though and tell her when the timing was right.



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