Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 30

Jamie woke up in his apartment. Jeff had got back late last night. Jamie looked but Jeff's door was still shut. Sometimes when Jeff brought girls back to the apartment the sound would reverberate through the walls. But he came back last night with Victoria - who seemed lovely and apparently he'd met her quite early on on his business trip and she'd stayed on with him for Christmas and New Year's. The relationship seemed quite serious for Jeff. She had dark nearly black hair and it was super sleek and straight. She had big brown encapsulating eyes. Jamie had only spoken to her briefly before Jeff and Minnie headed for the bedroom - they had had a long drive. Jeff had briefly asked Jamie about his holidays and how he spent them. Jamie just told him that his holidays had been fine. It hadn't been the time to explain about Ellie. He'd save that. Plus he kind of liked having a secret, but knowing Jamie, he's probably drop her name into conversation and have to explain anyway.
When Jamie got to work everything was sombre. He walked into Max's office and saw the sharing manager replacing his desk card with a 'Manager' one. Jamie wondered why. 'Con-' Jamie started to say as Max turned around. In that moment Jamie was stunned to silence. His new boss looked dishevelled and emotional.

'Kate died last night,' Max answered the unanswered question that had been in Jamie's head since he'd got to work that morning.

'I'm so sorry,' was all that Jamie could think to say. Thoughts were buzzing around his head. How? Why? Jamie understood why Max was looking like he was today, as Max and Kate had been a couple for quite a time. Kate might have compromised that when she had come onto Jamie. Who knew? Now Kate's been stolen away from all the world.


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