Sunday, 4 January 2015

How To Inspire Others

Now I've put lots of thought behind this. And I know it's really cleche and if not, obvious, but you inspire people by just being who you are. You won't be told every day or regularly, but just be you and you will inspire others. You've just got to get on with your life best you can, because you never know who can be inspired by something you do or will be.

That's where my campain 'Smile At Strangers' comes into play again. You never know what could happen. A smile could be all that a stranger needs to pick them out of a hole. You never know. A simple smile may spark a conversion and this stranger could help you. So as well as providing a basis of being happy, a smile at a stranger may help them. And it's lovely to imagine that you're improving lives. And by smiling at others injects them with hope.

There isn't much more to it. And it's funny, because the people that strike you as the strongest are oftentimes the people you inspire the most. Don't ever feel like you're not inspiring someone, because you are.

People always think they have to have an admirable quality in them in the first place, before they become admired. This is a lie. We all go through life at our own pace, something that someone else finds inspirational may not be what you find inspirational. We are all different and there should be no shame in that.

Share who you find inspiring and the reason below! I'd be very interested to know! Thank you



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