Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 27

Ellie woke up. This was the day she’d been waiting for. New Year’s Eve. She looked over at the end of her room where a mass of duvet lay over Jamie. He burrowed in the night. She lay for a while watching him only snapping her eyes away when the pile of duvet began to move as Jamie awoke. ‘Hey,’ she ventured, not really knowing what to say. Jamie rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and yawned. He then got up off of the mattress that had been laid out on the floor for him at the end of Ellie’s bed. He reached out for Ellie and they both felt tingles. Why would today be any different to other days when he’s helped her, when occasionally their arms might brush each others or something? Ellie was confused. Jamie continued to lift her body and placed her safely in her wheelchair. By now there were so many tingles flowing through Ellie’s body that were sending so many signals she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But she couldn’t lose face to Jamie. She smiled and thanked him. She hesitated but didn’t mention the feelings going on in her body. It was electricity. She was fairly sure. From that moment on she felt alive. She didn’t tell him how she was feeling, because to imagine he would be feeling the same was preposterous.

Later, with the candles out, no lights on Ellie looked at Jamie. In the dim light he looked so beautiful. She couldn’t get the words out to tell him though. It was teen to twelve when Linda put on the TV. To watch the fireworks and the new year come in. She kept looking between Ellie and Jamie wishing that this new year would be good for them and one of them may come out with it. It was hard to watch two people who were so right for each other taking baby steps. But it was the only way sometimes. She wanted to bang their heads together but resisted…only just. She had had long talks with Jamie since he had been there – knew he was single, knew about his family and knew the way he helped her daughter. And today, Ellie had been so active and fun that Linda knew something must have happened. Jamie had been dynamic too today. Maybe they were finally feeling it?

The countdown to new year had reached five by the point Linda looked back over at the two of them. Ellie was sitting looking nervously over at Jamie, who was in turn looking pretty anxious himself. ‘Happy new year everyone,’ Chrissie started before the claxon for new year had gone off. It went off a second later. Everyone pranced around the room kissing each other’s cheeks and wishing them health and happiness in the new year. Jamie pecked Ellie’s cheek and mumbled something about being happy that she missed. She was hoping that that would have been the time he’d confess if he was feeling anything, but obviously it was aall in her head. 



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