Sunday, 14 December 2014

How To: Stand Out; Individuality

One of my favourite people at this moment has told me: 'Why are you trying to fit in, when you were born to stand out?' And this is so true. You weren't born to hide away in the corner. I used to believe that the best place for me to be was in the corner. But I've come to learn that that isn't any way to live. I couldn't get hurt or hurt anyone else when I stayed in my comfort-corner. And while that was comforting, that’s not real-life. I realised to live you have to open yourself to getting hurt. You can hope no one ever will hurt you, and you may be lucky but if you're not open to the possibility of getting hurt you're not living. I was so naive when I was at university. And I did get hurt. Never that badly, but it was the first time I had the freedom to just be myself. And that’s where I grew into the person I am now. Away from the usual comforts of home, I had to find my feet and that was so scary but turned out to be so important in my life. It’s a big thing in most people’s lives – but for me it was really the making of my individuality.

Hope this has helped someone, remember though the corner may be comfortable, it's not where you belong.



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