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Emotion Fanfiction You need to watch this first to know why I'm putting this up today! Taking a week's break from 'Things Are Not Clear Cut' but it will be back next week! I do write that story just for the blog, so nothing is pre-written so your help for that would be unbelievable.

This piece I wrote quite a long time ago, and sorry to any old myspace friends reading this, you've probably seen this before! Let me know what you think about the piece in the comments below. Thanks.

Steph and Danny had been friends for a long time. They were really close. One night they ended up watching a romantic film with Dougie and his girlfriend. At the end of the film Dougie and his girlfriend start making out and leave Danny and Steph sitting uncomfortably. They glance at each other - but niether can tell what's on each other's minds. Danny's palms begin to sweat - he can't bear this silence. 'So yeah, we're going to head off!' he exclaimed as he got up and walked towards the door. Steph got up too and departed through the same door. Danny was waiting in the hall for her. 'You'd better take this!' he said slipping off his jacket. It was thrashing with rain outside.

'Are you sure you'll be ok?' Steph asked. Danny laughed.

'Hey am I a man or a mouse?' he told her with cheeky grin.

'Ok, as long as you're sure,' Steph exclaimed draping his jacket over her shoulders. She lifted up the hood on his jacket and prepared to open the door. She looked so cute with that hood pulled up, wearing a jacket that's probably a few sizes too big for her. She giggled and he turned his attention to the rain.

'Right, here we go!' Danny laughed as he opened the door and dashed outside. He waited in the rain for Steph to catch up with him. When she caught up with him, he said goodbye, 'Bye darling, see you tomorrow,' and scurried to his house. She watched him enter his house and then burst into tears. He didn't know he wouldn't see her tomorrow. She wondered if he'd been into his bedroom yet and seen the note waiting on his beside cabinet.

Tonight had broken her heart. Especially watching the film and not being to curl her fingers over his. It's as if he'd known and just wanted to break it some more. He had been such a sweetheart tonight. Why did he want to break her heart? The note on his beside cabinet revealed the truth of her feelings towards him. That yes, she would die for him and that yes, he makes her world complete. But what makes her think he'd even care? Why did she bother writing those words from the heart because he would never care? Never in a million years. She doesn't know why she did it, she just had to get the words out somehow. So she wrote him a letter, hoping he would try to make her stop, all the while she knew he never would.

She was getting soaked standing in the rain, even though she was wearing Danny's jacket. She didn't even if it was her teardrops or the rainfall making her face wet anymore. She stood there motionlessly waiting for something. She soon realised it was never going to come and so went to Danny's door. She was very tempted to knock on the door and get one last hug but she knew what she must do. She slowly removed the jacket, folded it and put it on Danny's doorstep. She walked back to her house totally exposed to the rain but she didn't care. She unlocked her door and got her bags that she'd packed earlier. She took one last look at her house - in its bare state. She wept a little as she closed the door and made her way to the train station.

Every torch that was shone around her made her look up hopefully. But it wasn't him. She doubts he's even read it yet. Yes, he's losing a close friend but that wouldn't mean much to him. He had his bandmates anyway.

She's loved him all her life and isn't about to stop, but she thought if she put some distance between herself and he, she might just be able to move on. The train finally came and as she boarded she whispered, 'My heart will always be with you.' When the train started to move, she gave up any hope that he would come to rescue her and tell her she was being silly. She looked out of the window as the train departed and thought she saw him standing on the platform but it was only because he was on her mind surely?

Hope you liked it. Now on myspace, back in the day, I asked people to take up the task of following Danny home and finding the note which any of you readers are more than welcome to do. It's a good prompt I think. And obviously you can change the names, because writing this isn't very good at disguising who the characters are! It was a standalone on myspace so you can take it any way you like if you feel inspired by what I've written. If you do write a part, I'd be fascinated to read what you come up with. You can send a email here: or put it up on your own blog (comment if you do including the link) and I will read it and comment.

Thank you so much for reading



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