Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 25

Ellie turned around in her cute elvish apron. Jamie had taken up the offer of spending Christmas with her family as he didn’t usually do anything and her family told him he was being silly. Her family welcomed him like he was the son they never had. Ellie’s older sister, Christina was due to arrive tonight. Ellie was in the kitchen making extra mince pies and Jamie was putting the pastry over the top of them. He was enjoying himself. ‘There are pattern cutters – you can make them pretty!’ Ellie said pointing to the cutters that the Sparks family had collected over the years. Linda was relaxing in the living room, feeling content that her daughters were able to help out with Christmas this year. Well one at the moment. But she had a hardworking companion helping her. More than capable. And be it mother’s instincts, she thought they’d make a good couple. From the moment he stepped in the house Linda had been wondering where Jamie’s sentiments were. She had an inkling that he did like her daughter as more than a friend. Not that Linda would tell Ellie of her guesses; she’d figure it out for herself if it is meant to be, which Linda is fairly sure it is.

Two hours later when both Ellie and Jamie were covered in flour Mrs. Sparks made an appearance in the kitchen. ‘Looks like you had fun!’ she stated, laughing at the empty packet of flour that had obviously ensued their fight. ‘Sorry mum,’ Ellie apologised looking at her feet like a told-off teenager. ‘Don’t be silly, as long as you had fun!’ Mrs Sparks chuckled. She looked to Jamie to speak.
‘Thank you Mrs Sparks, I had a whale of a time!’ He enthused. That set Ellie off in a fit of giggles and Jamie smiled goofily, to keep her giggling. ‘It’s Linda!’ Mrs Sparks told him once the giggling had died down.

Suddenly, the door in the hallway began to open. ‘It’s Chrissie!’ Ellie screamed rushing out to hug her sister. Christina was newly single, having split with her boyfriend two weeks ago. Christina had auburn hair, brown eyes and a fair height. She wished she had been blessed with the blue, bright eyes that her younger sister had. Ellie had always wished for brown eyes to match her beautiful sister’s. Ellie wheeled back into the kitchen with Chrissie following her. ‘This is Jamie,’ she introduced her new friend and Jamie shook Chrissie by the hand. ‘Nice to meet you Jamie, I’ve heard a lot about you!’ Jamie looked surprised, turning his puzzled face to Ellie who just did an exaggerated shrug.

‘So, boyfriend material I’m sensing?’ Chrissie asked her sister when they were alone, unpacking Chrissie’s bags. ‘Hmm, I’m hoping so, I’m just not sure how he’s feeling,’ Ellie admitted. ‘Well the way he was looking at you throughout dinner, I’d say he feels the same!’ Chrissie confided.
‘Let’s not count our chickens before they’ve hatched,’ Chrissie rolled her eyes at her sister’s usual comment. ‘Don’t wait forever though El, I’m worried about you,’ Chrissie warned her sister. They finished unpacking Chrissie’s stuff in silence. When they were done Chrissie and Ellie came back through the house, luvkily Linda owned a bungalow, set on watching some crappy Christmas movies, whilst munching on the popcorn Chrissie had brought with her.  



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