Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 31

Ellie woke up. It was a bright Monday morning and she thought she'd drop Jamie a text before work to see if he wanted to catch up tonight. She sent the text and went about having a shower and getting her make up on ready for the day ahead. She was wearing a black button up plain shirt with some corduroy trousers. Last night she had decided to take the plunge and had dyed her hair a shocking red colour and had it cut at the expert hands of Kelly her room-mate. She had decided that as it was a new year she should have a total new look. She hoped Jamie would like it when he saw her, and not think she'd gone crazy. Her hair was much shorter now - like an elfin little bob - it was too short to even touch her neck. It was the first day back in the office for her and she felt the change was quite suited to now. She could always dye it back if Jamie really didn't like it. She caught the lift down in her block of apartments and was at the Kurplzz building in under five minutes. 'Ooh sizzling!' Poppy gasped when she caughtsight of Ellie.
'Wanted a change,' Ellie shrugged with a smile on her face. She went up in the lift to Tall's office. She wanted to get into that side of work anyway, so all the help she gave now would hopefully pay off in the end. Tall came up the lift moments later just as Ellie opened up her emails. 'I like the new hair - retro!' Tall said as she glided into her office.

'Thank you,' Ellie replied rather sheepishly. She didn't know why she was afraid - I guess red was a pretty bold colour and she was just worried of not living up to the colour's standards. Stupid really. It is not the colour of hair that defines you, after all.

She had an email confirming Tall's last minute meeting for today. She knocked on Tall's door and gave her the times. 'Arnold, terrific!' is all Tall said whipping the paper out of Ellie's hand. Ellie went back to her desk. It was odd that Jamie hadn't text her back already - usually he was sharp and very quick to reply but not today.

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