Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 28

Jamie woke up in his own apartment. It was strange not to hear Ellie's muffled breathing as he rose. It's strange how familiar it had become. It was odd for him to get up on his own and he couldn't help his thoughts wondering to Ellie's - wondering if she's up yet and how she felt. He got ready for work and went to the office. When there he daydrempt about Ellie being his, and walking in on that beastly scene with his boss that occured a few weeks ago. By her reaction is it far to say she wanted him as much as he wanted her? He wasn't sure. He thought it did - but then he also knew how precious her time was and that spending time with friends was important to her. Then he thought just friends? Surely she wouldn't have taken him to meet her family if he was just a friend. Or would she? She might've wanted to show her sister and mum that she was capable of making friends who would take care of her. And his conversations with Linda had been very telling of this reason. But maybe she was protecting her daughter's intentions. Intentions with him. He hoped. But he couldn't be sure. Until he got a clear sign he wouldn't reveal his feelings. Was he scared of rejection? From the most beautiful woman he'd laid eyes on, yes. The day was slow at work. His daydream was helping him get through what would otherwise be a very tedious day. He hadn't even seen Kate since she made her advances towards him. She'd think twice about crossing him again. Or she'd better do.


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