Wednesday, 22 August 2012

'Love Rat'

These are a little bit angry - these lyrics! The story behind them is - because I feel words are my strongest power, to get over people I write them letters explaining how I felt and why. I never actually send these letters - I tend to keep them in a secret place so that I can look back and I am often flabberghasted how a 'said person' made me feel and what I thought at the time. And these lyrics originate from one of thoses! Hope you like it. Comments are appreciated.

It's called:


I know what it’s like to be in love like that
To be in love with a love rat
He appears in your dreams
So effortlessly
So unexpectedly

You, you are a love rat
How dare you make me feel like that?
Gave all my heart and all you gave back
Was nothing at all you love rat

Stupid is what I am to feel that
Way for a love rat
But I didn’t know this was what you were
Until I uncovered the true picture
And saw you going off to her
(Repeat Chorus)
Love rat
I really didn’t deserve that
Now your name’s in a song
I don’t care if it puts you off
The radar
Cos everyone should know what you are
Love rat
I gave you everything I had
What did I do to deserve that?
I guess you’ll never change your ways
A love rat is how you’re bound to stay.

Copyright © 2011 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

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