Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Things Are Not Clear-Cut Part 13

Any excuse, any excuse, Jamie thought. He had returned to his job which started at 8am this morning. He had been waking up about this time for  the Kurplzz job with Ellie, so when his alarm woke him it was earlier than he had prepared for. He got up nevertheless, had a shower, did all the morning necessities and got ready for the day. Today he was wearing a plain light blue top with jeans. His hair was dark blonde, the dye now fading. But he didn’t mind. He ruffled it up and gelled it up. Then he thought of Ellie, and wrote a text to her. He waited a few moments before sending it because it might be too early and would she even want an early morning text from him? He knew that early morning texts were usually reserved for people in relationships but then he realized why not? You only live once, so he may as well let his feelings be known. If a morning text didn’t prove to her she’d been on his mind since he woke up, he doesn’t know what will. He went out of his apartment after he saw his alarm telling him he had 20 minutes  before usual work resumed. It was a 15-minute walk to his work. He worked for a charity, arranging venues and getting into contact with celebs to represent them. It was a quiet time at the moment, and he had passed the brunt of the work to Matt, who worked as his understudy, for the last two days. He thought he’d give him a chance, without Jamie himself breathing down his neck. Everyone deserves that, in his book. And Matt seemed like a good colleague, able to talk to people and sympathize with them, and get sympathy from them. Jamie cannot wait to see how Matt coped. He walked in the opposite direction to the one he’d been using for the last two days. 

*Hope this insight into Jamie's life has been useful! I'll probably do one from her perspective next and his after. 



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