Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I was going to trying to work on a piece of original writing to share today....but nothing was working out so I'll try for next week. This week's lyric I wrote at uni. It's about a boy not knowing that he is reason why you're going insane, if that makes sense. I hope you like it and can relate to it!


The feeling lingers as you walk away

I reach out my fingers don’t know what to say

I try but fail at catching your fall

Hoping I won’t miss your mail or your call

Good things always have to be earnt

And if you are my lesson I wanna learn


You are so beautiful

Just your eyes taking me in

Is enough to send me crazy

I don’t know how you do it oh baby

You do it effortlessly

Absent-mindedly sending me crazy


I’m mad about you

You must know that much is true

Cos why would I stick around

If I don’t wanna be lost then found

Good things often mean compromise

I’ll give up everything so I can look in your eyes

(Repeat Chorus)


It doesn’t matter what you do with me

Oh no-o I don’t mind baby

You send me crazy

Everything you do you do effortlessly

It’s all so easy

Running your fingers through your hair

Absent-mindedly making me wanna care.
Copyright © 2013 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.



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