Wednesday, 14 May 2014


This lyric I wrote when I came home from university, when I was tired of being afraid. Now my home situation hasn't been the best (I can't get out my front door STILL!) but when it does improve (hopefully soon) I will try to keep this belief, that I have in life, going. I know that life isn't easy, it's far from it. But hopefully I can maintain this and try to help others, as I'm trying to do now.


I’ve been in the dark but I’m ready now

I’m not afraid to say what I’m about

Cos if I live in fear

My song you’ll never hear

So I’m coming outta my shell

The spotlight’s where I belong

To people I’ve along the way I wish you well

There was a reason you didn’t stay for long


And I’m ready

Ready for my heart not to get caught up

Ready to banish all silly dreams of love

It wasn’t meant for me

I’m ‘sposed to keep people happy

And as long as I do that

It’s job done back to the start


I’ve been alone but I’m awake now

I’m not afraid to shout it out loud

I’m free and this is where I wanna be

No plans no story no history

So I’m coming outta my comfort zone

The spotlight’s where I belong

I’m on my own but I know I’m not alone

In feeling this way sing my song

(Repeat Chorus)


I’m ready, I’m ready now

To totally spin your world around

I can’t keep promises to you

Cos what you ask of me I just can’t do

(Repeat Chorus).
Copyright © 2013 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

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