Sunday, 18 May 2014

How To: Smile Through Life

This was actually the first suggestion I got when I first started 'How To's'. I really hope  it helps...

It’s an easy concept to believe you’d do. It is harder to actually carry out. You have to get used to looking out for the positive in every situation. Every cloud has a silver lining, I know you’ve heard all of that before but in situations their not always easy to see. Every situation does have one. Whether it’ll take years to find (‘I’m so glad I’ve been through that type of rejection etc. before, because now at least I can handle it’) or even if it’s immediate, don’t take it for granted because it could assist you later in life if you come across a problem similar. Looking positively in the light of all this negativity that rains upon us every day is not easy (the news takes a negative spin on the news of the day) and doesn’t fill your heart with much hope. I point-blank refuse to watch the news or read papers anymore because I don’t want to be brought down. People will say I don’t know what’s going on in the world because of this, but I get updates sent to my email about the things I need to know. I watch DVDs and read books which keep my mind active.

Haven’t you handled everything you’ve been through in the past? So why can’t you handle this one? This problem is probably a whole lot smaller than anything you’ve been through in the past, or if it’s bigger: just take it step by step and you’ll see that things become a lot easier when you break them down. If you have to do it alone, it is tough but remember that you’ve been through worst in the past. You were born! Alive and screaming, but you’re here! Always remember that. You are strong. You can make it through the tough. There’s always going to be someone looking up to you. Someone will always admire you, for whatever reason; so give them something to admire or look up to. You can make it through the storms of this life. You wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t.




  1. Love that message thanks Steph :D my one advice to people is always be positive for your day will come, always be happy in life no matter what. Thank you my friend xxx

  2. My pleasure! Thanks for your comment Sam! xx