Sunday, 11 May 2014

How To: When Your Troubles Don't Worry Others

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You may not think it, but everybody hurts at some point during their life. Maybe that’s why they’re so successful at what they’re doing now. Everything may look pristine on the surface but not so on the inside. There’s no saying how another person is feeling throughout a day; they could just be putting on a brave face to get through it. We are all different. We can’t feel the same way about a particular situation.

We won’t and that’s Ok.

How boring would it be if everyone’s reaction was the same? We all have a limited, stunted and incomplete point of view on life. Yes, that’s right, everyone has. We are all facing situations in our lives, be they major or minor, that we think should be the centre of the universe. Everybody should be focusing on how you are feeling and how you are dealing with this particular situation. It should be important to everyone. I know that’s how it feels.

Everyone has these times. And because everyone has them, there’s no one thing that can take precedence over others. It may seem like the biggest thing in the world to you, and nobody can take that away from you, but it can’t be such a big deal to all. And that’s alright.

We all have catastrophic things that happen in our lives that we just seem to hide to other people. There are so many things that go on from day to day that it wouldn’t be possible for your worries to belittle everyone else’s. Though of course, it does to you.

Everyone is struggling. It’s unfair to place your struggles above theirs. Because while they’re difficulties might seem easy to you, you are not them and you don’t know what circumstance has bought them to facing this particular problem. We go out and we put on a mask.

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