Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Stop Taking Things For Granted

Yes OK, you may not be having the time of your life here, but you made it here. Now you get to choose how you act. Remember, it's always under your control. Who else is in control of you? Even if you've been led to this point by someone else, you always have the power to say no and stop whatever you feel you have to do.

Time is so precious and you never know how much you have left. You're still breathing, you're still here. Take pride in that. These may seem like small things but they're not. And you're dealing with everything you have to deal with. That is a tremendous achievement. Congratulations.  It may not seem like much but getting through every day is an achievement.

It's beneficial to realise that often it's the little things that make the biggest changes in our lives. Even 'little' things going right area blessing. A ray of light on a grim day or the like. No matter how small they seem they ate not. Be thankful for 'little' justices because someday you'll look back to see that those 'small' things are the major things.

I thought I'd include a list of some of the things I know that I take for granted:

Having a pen within reach
Having a post-it or notebook to jot things down on or in
The sunny days
My parents
The weight of my wheelchair ie. bags and accessories
Running water
Cups of tea
Food to eat

That's just a list I just thought of though I'm sure there are many more...



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