Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Let Things Go

I have seen how miserable holding onto grudges can be. And it is such a waste. Remember, every sixty seconds you spend angry or upset is a minute of happiness that you will never get back. I'm not saying that you don't have the right to feel angry or upset or however you feel I'm just saying that it's time you can't get back so why spend it looking at life from a negative viewpoint?

You have to decide when something has run its course in your life. This can be challenging but you will know deep down when it is time for change.

I am frightened of time and the time I don't spend happy. I have reminders on my mirrors in my bathroom, the ones I look at for the longest, that are life-affirming quotes. It's the hope that whenever I have a bad day (because we all have them) I like to remember and realise that happiness is always within my reach.

It might not be much but if I can smile and direct my thoughts in a more positive direction I will.

Many times it's hard to decide what to give more than a passing thought to, all I know is it's not worth the pain\anger or any negative attribute if it's going to make you feel bad or worse.

Life is too short to wrap yourself up in bitterness belfry for things that may go wrong or unhappiness. Accepting your grievances with a smile is the strongest, bravest thing in my book.



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