Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Now doesn't last forever

Lately I’ve been thinking about now. How now is just a moment in time. For instance, if it’s hurting now it won’t hurt forever. And even if it does, I’m sure the frequency won’t last. Life has a way of shifting things, and things are ever changing. So please don’t panic about things. Remember that now is a moment in time and tomorrow it could all change. Maybe it won’t yet. But you never know when it will.

What we like now, is not necessarily what we’ll like in the future. Something may come up like a flash in a pan. We can’t tell what this will be. So it’s important that we appreciate what we have in the now. And even if you don’t think you have a lot: you’re breathing and you have an internet connection to read this via. Start appreciating the small things, you might find that bigger things come along in a bigger way to mean more. There are things that happen in life, that appear sometimes out of nowhere or are inevitable. And the really important thing to remember is that it’s only affecting you now, and if it does only affect you, then try not to react in a way that affects your life predominantly. Life is what you make it and when it goes wrong try not to react in a way that makes you remember it. Like once I broke a CD cover, because I was mad at someone. Now whenever I see that CD cover I remember the fight and how angry I was with that person. It’s not good for you to hold onto these types of memories, and it wasn’t good for me. I have since got rid of that CD case, but I’ll never get to relive that moment and do things better. We really have to think about how we treat people now, because that may be what they will always remember us for.

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