Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The World Isn't Against YOU!

Retracing my steps talking about how your reactions say more about you than you’d know: Reacting to people in a hostile way is to let negativity overrule you. And I know this may be hard but what I do in situations such as these is look at it in perspective. Or try to. Will this matter tomorrow? 3 months from now? In a year? The answer is most likely no, but the reaction I give to it I have to live with. How would it feel if I never saw that person again? It is a lot to remember in that split second before you react to something, but I’m hoping that now I’ve written it down and explained the benefits both here and below I will remember. I will keep you updated on my progress.

If you let yourself believe that most people’s intentions are good, you won’t be in a bad place. Because on the whole, people are good people. If you need to take a few seconds or even shut your eyes this is allowed! There are no rules on the best way to react to something. You never know what you will be remembered for, so try to make it something positive. Like I was remembered by someone for being very forward in my university days. I can’t remember being quite that way, but that was what I was remembered for. If you go around thinking and behaving like ‘the world is against me’ you will find the more you think that, the more it will be. If you go around thinking you can’t feel anything then you won’t. You have to let your mind be open to experiencing new things and feeling things you’ve never felt before. If you close your mind to mostly anything in this life you miss out. There are of course things that try to get in your mind that you’d be better to distance yourself from, but you’re intelligent people; I won’t belittle you.

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