Wednesday, 31 October 2012

'Right Here'

Sorry about the delay! This lyric I wrote a few years ago...hope you like it...


In the life you either sink or swim
Look at me I am still fighting
It would have been so easy so easy
For me to give up but that’s not me
I haven’t seen the world through your eyes
And I haven’t lived your life
But I know sometimes it can be tough
Your eyes say enough

No it ain’t easy
No one said it would be
Yes you need someone to help you through
Yeah I know I can rely on you
As you can on me
Whenever you’re in need
I’m right here

In this life you either fly or you fall
Look at me I am surrendering all
For a chance to prove life wrong
That it isn’t all for the rich and strong
I haven’t seen the world as you have
And no I probably won’t understand
But I know when things are down
You need someone around
(Repeat Chorus)
I will be there for you always
And you can rely on me all our days
No it ain’t easy
No one ever said it would be
If life was a breeze
You wouldn’t need me
But whenever you do
Because I need you too
I will be right here
I’m right here.

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

Thank you!

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