Saturday, 13 October 2012


I planned to put this up on Tuesday but too much happened this week!!! This was one of my favourite lyrics to write. I wrote it a few years ago now. Hope you like it. Comments welcome.

It's called:

The mascara stains are the least of my worries
The mascara trains left after the rain
All the pain I thought it was worth it
Cos he really loves me
But now I see what a fool I’ve been
The mascara tracks still show
No matter how many times I wash my face you know
They’ll be there for all time
Cos I really thought he was mine for life

I really thought he would be there for me
He’d care for me
And tend to my every need
But no I was blind
Cos all he did in our time
Was not love me in return
Guess I know now why the tears burn

The mascara leaves its mark and I regret
Ever wearing it cos now I can’t forget
All the pain and heart break he cost me
Cos he never loved me
And I’m such a damned fool
To think for a second he was being true
But he wasn’t oh no
It haunts relentlessly like the tears on my pillow
(Repeat Chorus)
I was really in deep
And I thought he was with me
Yes I really thought he cared
That he’d always be there
He’d tend to my every need
Not leave my heart to bleed
But I was blind
Cos all he did in our time
Was not love me in return
Guess now I know
Now I know why the tears burn.

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

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