Wednesday, 12 September 2012

'London 2012'

I'm going to ask readers' like you, to help me name this lyric. I want you guys to have your say! Either on my twitter @steph_carfrae tweet me words for titles or on my facebook just post on my wall, or indeed leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Thanks. I will let you know what I've chosen next week!

 What an amazing summer this has been! I never got to go to either the olympics or paralympics but my parents and sister and brother went to the paralympics on the night of Pistorious's 400m final and held the phone up for me! I was just overwhelmed by the spectacular human spirit that everyone witnessed during the games and I hope it continues. So I wrote this lyric the moment after I had finished watching the parade of our greatest team on TV. It's dedicated to all those heroes. I hope you like it.

It’s over it’s done
Everyone had their moment in the sun
We’ll look back in years to come
And be amazed by the hurdles we’ve overcome
We have exceeded many expectations
And grabbed the world’s full attention
I am proud of everything we’ve achieved
I am talking for the nation we’re one big family

I am so proud of you today and always
You’ll never wipe the smile off my face
You’ve made the impossible seem possible
You’ve taken us on a journey so incredible
I never wanted it to end
But every good thing must my friend
So we can appreciate everything you went through
I wanna thank everyone, especially you

The final whistle’s blown
I know I’m not alone
In saying you truly inspired
Everyone in their lives to go higher
We have done ourselves proud
Take the words and scream them out loud
I am proud of everything we’ve achieved
I am talking for the nation we’re one big family
 (Repeat Chorus)
I am so proud of everyone it’s just brought us together
A feeling like this will hopefully last forever
Your smiles will last a life-time
In our hearts and in our minds
Oh yeah yeah
(Repeat Chorus).

S. Carfrae 2012 ©

If you are interested in putting music to this lyrics please let me know via twitter @steph_carfrae, facebook or commenting below. Thank you.

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