Thursday, 6 September 2012

'Today Is My Someday'

Hot off the press! I only just wrote this tonight, because I was so inspired by the British performance in the paralympics. Everyone whor got a medal tonight is a true hero in my eyes - Dave Weir to first timer Jonnie Peacock. Honestly can't believe that that was Jonnie's first games he had such great composure and just stormed the field! He is a lil' gorgeous too!

So my song (although it's a love song and maybe wishful thinking about Jonnie on my part) is dedicated to the truimph of the 2012 games - both paralympic and olympic!

I was just too excited to wait another week to share this with you guys - and yes, I will be posting next Wednesday as per usual. Any comments welcome, either on here, on facebook or on my twitter @steph_carfrae !!

So here it is. Hope you like it!!

It's called: Today Is My Someday

I am so intrigued by you
Got me taking a leave of absence for you
I wanna know more about what you do
So let the rain pour c’mon and show me the truth
I’ll tell you one thing I’m not gonna lie
I think you’ll fall about a thousand times
But everyone needs that to come back with more venom
Next time you just see who’s laughing

I know I can hold you when the nights get colder
I know for me you never have a cold shoulder
And I can betcha
That I’m gonna make my someday today
I know I can cry on your shoulder
When the days and nights get colder
And I can betcha
That today is my someday

I am impressed by you
You’re so smartly dressed and good looking too
Just keep talking wind the hours away
I’m mesmerized you’ve got me in a daze
But I ain’t complaining oh no no
You just show me the way to go
It’s taken you to inspire me
Next time we’ll just see who’s laughing
(Repeat Chorus)
Have you ever thought about
The best feeling in the world
I know without doubt
It’s being called your girl
Cos oh yes I know
(Repeat Chorus)

Steph Carfrae © 2012

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