Wednesday, 5 September 2012

'Not Alone'

Most of these lyrics I wrote a few years ago, and because I'd never had a way to get them out before, I am sharing them with you now! But hopefully, I will get to put up some modern day stuff if and when I can. I am excited to be sharing these lyrics and getting feedback though, as it has been a long time coming!

'Not Alone' is a response to a song of the same title by none other than Danny Jones of McFLY. Hopefully it promotes the same kind of hopefulness that Danny's song picks up on. Because yes, we all have a hard life and every one of us is dealing with issues, but hopefully through lyrics like these you'll see you're really not alone. Hope you like it. Opinions appreciated. Please leave them below. If you'd like to attempt to put music to any of my work please comment below too.

It's called:

When I have fought
And I’ve given it my all
At my door I see you
And it doesn’t matter whether I win or lose
I know you will be there for me
And undoubtedly you will care for me
I just need to open my windows to clear the air

Cos when the punches have been thrown
And I’m left standing all alone
I know I won’t be on my own
You once told me I’m not alone
When all the bruises have gotten too deep
And the pain I feel begins to seep
I know I’ll never be
On my own
Cos you once told me I’m not alone

When I’ve seen it through
Endless nights with you
Take me to another place
And no matter what you put a smile on my face
Yeah yeah I know you will be strong
And tell me ooh I need to hold on
I just need to open up and sing my song oh yeah
(Repeat Chorus)
Baby when I’m lying on the floor
And I really can’t take no more
You cover me in love and make me strong
You give me the will to go on
You say yes the road is long
But you know you’ll never be alone
So keep struggling on
Cos you are never alone
(Repeat Chorus).

Steph Carfrae © 2011

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