Wednesday, 26 September 2012

'Your Star'

This lyric is called: 'Your Star'. It is metaphorical and literal - in the sense that the desire is to make people believe in themselves. I hope most of my lyrics promote good feelings or help one believe in themselves a little bit more.

Hope you like it. It's called:

If I smiled at you
Would you try one on too?
It might just suit you
If I laughed all day
Would you join the craze?
It might just amaze

Cos you are individual
So spontaneous so wonderful
You live for the moment
Not worried about rough treatment
Cos you are so beautiful
And nothing can stand in your way at all
Because once you accept who you are
Nothing can refute the shine from your star

So what you hiding?
You know it’s gonna come out sometime
Don’t be afraid to let your light shine
How many people there are who feel just like you                         
There’s not much one person can do
To make you believe that it’s oh so true
(Repeat Chorus)
So no don’t you hide away
Behind that cornerstone hey
You have to have a voice
If you wanna be heard
You have a choice
Now kick up a storm if it’s what you want
(Repeat Chorus)

Thank you for reading.

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