Thursday, 20 September 2012

'Questions Of A Breaking Heart'

Uni has been mental and I guess I've been forgetful! I am so happy to be back, this is where I belong!!

Back to the lyrics, I wrote this lyric after seeing Danny Jones playing football at soccer aid. I hope you like it. Comments welcome as are posts on my wall on facebook if you don't wish to make an account. As always, if you want to attempt to put some music to the lyric please let me know via twitter (@steph_carfrae), facebook or leaving a comment below. Thank you.


It’s always a heartbreaker
When you see him running off to her
There’s always something going on in your mind all the while
He kisses her and smiles

Why can’t they end?
Why can’t she give up?
These are questions you ask yourself
When you are so in love
Why can’t he see?
That he and I are meant to be
All questions of a breaking heart

It’s always a heartbreaker
When you see him kissing her so tenderly
There’s always someone who wants to interrupt
But then again he’s happy in love
(Repeat Chorus)
I know what it’s like
I’ve had this feeling many times
(Repeat Chorus).

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

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